SS17 Relativity, Particles, Fields



“The career of a young theoretical physicist consists of treating the harmonic oscillator in ever-increasing levels of abstraction.”    Sidney Coleman


The first exam will take place in HS1 on Monday 31.7.2017 between 10:30-12:30. Please be there at 10:20. You can bring two handwritten, two-sided sheets (A4) but no other books or notes. Please bring your Student-ID card. (The second exam will take place 4.10.2017)

Important news:

  • The full script is now online. Thanks for helping us to improve it! (28.7.17) 
  • The final results for the exercise bonus are available (27.7.2017)
  • Sheet 11: in Eq. (9) replace m_mu^2 (p_1 \cdot p_2)^2 with m_mu^2 (p_1 \cdot p_2). This correction is included in the latest version linked below (23.7.2017)
  • New version of the script available (22.7.2017)
  • New version of the script available (15.7.2017)
  • To make up for the postponed dates, there will be two extra lectures: on Tue, 18.7 and Tue, 25.7. Both lectures will be from 12:00 to 14:00 in Physik Hörsaal 2.
  • notice on the status of the exercise bonus is available (10.7.2017). Please check it.
  • New version of the script including the chapter on interacting quantum fields has been uploaded (29.6.17)
  • Sheet 8: a hint+note has been added to Ex. 2, as well as a second note. The version linked below is the most updated one. (29.6.2017)
  • Notice: as announced, the lecture of June 20 was a joint tutorial session on Ex. Sheet 6. Ex. Sheet 7 is now available, and will be discussed in regular tutorials in the week of June 26-30. 
  • Notice: there will be no tutorials for the week of June 12-16. Exercise Sheet 6 is now available, see link below.
  • Sheet 5: In Ex. 3, formulation of point a) has been slightly changed, correcting typos. In Ex. 2, the scalar field should be taken massless. These corrections are included in the latest version linked below. (05.6.2017)
  • New version of the script available including chapter 5 (canonical quantization)
  • Notice: only for the week of June 5-9 (Ex. Sheet 5), the Tue tutorial is moved to Wed, June 7, 8:30 - 10:00 in room PH 1121 . The Thu tutorials will take place regularly.
  • Sheet 3: In the printout replace m with 4\pi m in the first line after (8). The latest version linked below has been corrected. (22.5.2017)   
  • Notice: only for the week of May 22-26 (Ex. Sheet 3), the two Thu tutorials are both moved to Wed, May 24, 12:00 - 14:00 in room PH 1121 . The Tue tutorial will take place regularly. 
  • Classical field theory chapter is up (15.5.17, update 16.5.17)
  • The relativity chapter is online (4.5.17)
  • The first chapter of the script is online (3.5.2017)
  • Sheet 1: In the printout replace κ with κ/2 in the first formula and switch P-k and Pk in (5). The latest version linked below has been corrected. (2.5.2017)
  • The first lecture will be on the 27.4.2017


  • Relativistic quantum field theory
  • Aspects of relativity
  • Canonical quantization
  • Applications

Lecture times

Tuesday 10:15-11:45  (Physik Hörsaal 2
Thursday 12:00-13:30 (Physik Hörsaal 2)

Video Recordings

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Office Hours

Tuesday 12:00-13:30 (after the lecture), 3203


Group 1 : Dienstag 8:30-10:00 (PH 3344)  (Max Ruhdorfer)

Group 2 : Donnerstag 10:00-12:00 (C.3203) (Seng Pei Liew)

Group 3 : Donnerstag 16:15-17:45 (PH 3343) (Ennio Salvioni)


  • Peskin, Schroeder - An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
  • Schwartz - Quantum Field Theory and the SM
  • Mandl,Shaw - Quantum Field Theory
  • Zee - Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell
  • Srednicki - Quantum Field Theory
  • Weinberg - Quantum Field Theory I
  • Ramond - Field Theory: a Modern Primer
  • Itzykson, Zuber - Quantum Field Theory
  • ...


Please log in with your TUM account. The PDF-password will be announced during the lecture. You can also receive it from your tutor.

I will provide a script after a chapter has been completed. Any comments on typos (incl. small ones), language or requests for clarification are welcome. Please send them to

Script 22.7.2017 


In case of questions concerning the exercises, please contact Dr. Ennio Salvioni (T75, ennio.salvioni AT

We will hand out the sheets during the lecture and link to them below. Please check for the most recent version here in case of eventual corrections (and before contacting Ennio about typos). We provide copies of solutions to selected exercises in the tutorial groups.

Sheet 1 (2.5.2017)

Sheet 2 (9.5.2017)

Sheet 3 (16.5.2017)

Sheet 4 (23.5.2017) (here is Casimir's original paper, Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetenschap B51, 793 (1948).)

Sheet 5 (30.5.2017)

Sheet 6 (13.6.2017)

Sheet 7 (20.6.2017)

Sheet 8 (27.6.2017)

Sheet 9 (4.7.2017)

Sheet 10 (11.7.2017)

Sheet 11 (18.7.2017)

Bonus rule

There will be a bonus (one intermediate stepping of "0,3" to the better grade) on passed module exams (4,3 is not upgraded to 4,0). The bonus is applicable to the exam period directly following the lecture period (not to the exam repetition) and subject to the condition that the student successfully participated in the tutorials.

Successful participation means: a) 50% of the exercise points. b) regular attendance at the exercises c) two presentations in the exercise group. 


"When I became a student of Pomeranchuk in 1950 I heard from him a kind of joke that the Book of Physics had two volumes: vol.1 is “Pumps and Manometers”, vol.2 is “Quantum Field Theory” "   Lev Okun