Old Lunch Journal Club

Fridays, 12 noon in the Theory Library, PH 3343 (except where noted)

We select the papers via https://www.benty-fields.com (register there and search for "HEP Journal Club" to join). Alternatively you can also send an email to andreas.weilerATtum.de to receive an invite.

Organizer: Elena Venturini elena.venturini@tum.de, pietro.baratella@tum.de



Date Speaker Title arXiv Lunch organizer
Summer Semester 2019/2020        
03.04.20 Pietro Baratella Ampltitude Methods, part I    
07.04.20 Pietro Baratella Ampltitude Methods, part II    
14.04.20 Javi Serra Basis of massless EFTs via momentum twistors 1912.07865  
17.04.20 Maximilian Ruhdorfer Constructing effective field theories via their armonics 1902.06754  
24.04.20 Reuven Balkin A landscape for the cosmological constant and the Higgs mass 1911.01441  
30.04.20 Konstantin Springmann The top way to relax the Higgs massand its vacuum energy 2002.02463  
08.05.20 Giovanni Banelli  Consistency of the Standard Model EFT 1908.09845  
15.05.20 Stefan Stelzl Introduction to the Hubble Tension 2003.07355 and 1904.01016  
22.05.20 NO JC      
29.05.20 Tobias Theil High Multiplicity Amplitudes 2002.12449 and 1806.01857  
05.06.20 Elena Venturini Loops and Trees in generic EFts 2001.00017  
12.06.20 Pietro Baratella Axions are blind to anomalies 1903.12559  
19.06.20 Stefan Stelzl Supersoft Stops 2002.12630  
26.06.20 No JC      
03.07.20 Amando Hala Light scalar and pseudoscalar dark matter at LHC colliders 2005.13551  
10.07.20 Elena Kaiser Discussion about XENON1T Excess    


(room HS2)

Giovanni Banelli Flavor constraints from unitarity and analiticity 2004.02885  
24.07.20 Dominik Haslehner TBA    
30.07.20 Jonathan Kley Discussion about the g-2 anomaly 2006.16277  
Winter Semester 2019/2020        


Amando Hala (MPP, special guest) Note: Theory Seminar Room, PH 3344 

Bounds on CP-violating Higgs-gluon interactions: the case of vanishing light-quark Yukawas 1909.09373 Ennio
15.11.19 Elena Venturini Precision anomalous triple gauge coupling measurements at colliders 1901.04821 Amando
22.11.19 Uli Haisch The \hat{H} parameter: an oblique Higgs view 1903.07725 Elena


Carlos Tamarit Asymptotic safety 1911.02967


13.12.19 Konstantin Springmann Clockwork axions in cosmology 1806.09621


20.12.19 Anna Tokareva To Positivity and Beyond, where Higgs-Dilaton Inflation has never gone before 1905.08816  
10.01.20 Amando Hala Naturalness without new particles 1902.06758 Konstantin
17.01.20 No JC      
24.01.20 Reuven Balkin The speed of gravity 1909.00881 Amando
07.02.20 Stefan Stelzl X-ray search for axions from nearby isolated neutron stars 1910.04164 Reuven
14.02.20 Juan S. Cruz Searches for other vacua I: bubbles in our universe 1904.00020 Stefan
21.02.20 Maximilian Dichtl Soft collinear effective theory for gravity 1710.07685 Juan 
28.02.20 NO JC      
06.03.20 Andreas Weiler Axion interferometry 1802.07273 Maxl

Summer Semester 2019

26.04.19 Tobias Theil Flavour anomalies after the R_K* measurement 1704.05438 Konstantin
03.05.19 Maximilian Dichtl Gluequark dark matter 1811.06975 Tobias
10.05.19 Juan Cruz Band structure in Yang-Mills theories 1603.08749 Maximilian
17.05.19 no JC ---    
24.05.19 no JC ---    
05.07.19 Javier Lizana (Warsaw, special guest) The radion effective potential in 5D warped models work in progress Juan
12.07.19 Stefan Stelzl Early Cosmological Period of QCD Confinement 1811.00559 Ennio
26.07.19 Konstantin Springmann Asymmetric Dark Stars and Neutron Star Stability 1809.08254 Stefan

Winter Semester 2018/2019

19.10.18 all Organizational meeting    
26.10.18 Carlos Tamarit Dark Matter in the Standard Model? 1803.10242 Andi
02.11.18 no JC ---    
09.11.18 Sebastian Zell (LMU, special guest) Quantum Breaking for Cosmic Axions, de Sitter and Others slides no lunch
16.11.18 Max Ruhdorfer Freezing-in the Hierarchy Problem / Inflating to the Weak Scale 1808.02031  / 1809.07338 Carlos
23.11.18 Javi Serra De Sitter Space and the Swampland / On the Cosmological Implications of the String Swampland 1806.08362  /  1806.09718 Ennio
30.11.18 Stefan Stelzl A collider observable QCD axion 1606.03097 Javi
07.12.18 Ennio Salvioni Photon Masses in the Landscape and the Swampland / Rescuing Massive Photons from the Swampland 1808.09966  /  1810.05647 Stefan
14.12.18 Michael Spannowsky and José Miguel No (Durham and Madrid, special guests) CLICking on New Physics 1812.02093 / 1807.04284 no lunch
21.12.18 no JC ---    
11.01.19 Csaba Csaki (Cornell, special guest) New Directions for Composite Higgs Models   Max
18.01.19 Dongwon Kim Learning New Physics from a Machine 1806.02350 Ennio
25.01.19 no JC ---    
01.02.19 Konstantin Springmann Radio Signals from Axion Dark Matter Conversion in Neutron Star Magnetospheres 1804.03145 Dongwon
Summer Semester 2018        
23.02.18 Juraj Klaric Baryon Number Violating Scatterings in Laboratories 1710.07223 Andi
02.03.18 Martin Vollmann Scale Invariant Instantons and the Complete Lifetime of the Standard Model 1707.08124 Juraj

Stefan Pokorski (Warsaw, special guest)


Lepton non-universality in B decays and fermion mass structure work in progress no lunch
16.03.18 Andi Weiler Probing axions with neutron star inspirals and other stellar processes 1708.08464 Martin
23.03.18 Reuven Balkin (Re-)Inventing the Relativistic Wheel: Gravity, Cosets, and Spinning Objects 1405.7384 Andi
06.04.18 Stefan Stelzl Patterns of Strong Coupling for LHC Searches 1603.03064 Max
13.04.18 Wenyuan Ai Scattering Amplitudes For All Masses and Spins 1709.04891 Stefan
20.04.18 Max Ruhdorfer Black Hole Genesis of Dark Matter 1712.07664 Wenyuan
27.04.18 no JC -- postponed to 11.05 --    
04.05.18 Jamie McDonald Black hole superradiance and polarization-dependent bending of light 1711.08298 Reuven

11.05.18 [at 14:00, Coffee&Cake JC] 

Javi Serra Proof of the Weak Gravity Conjecture from Black Hole Entropy 1801.08546 Andi
18.05.18 Juan Cruz Higgscitement: Cosmological Dynamics of Fine Tuning 1802.00444 Javi
25.05.18 Ennio Salvioni Solving the Hierarchy Problem Discretely 1802.10093 Juan
01.06.18 no JC ---    
08.06.18 no JC ---    
15.06.18 Johannes Herms Bounds on Dark Matter annihilations from 21 cm data 1803.03629 Ennio
22.06.18 Juraj Klaric Neutrino Oscillations as a Probe of Light Scalar Dark Matter 1608.01307 Johannes
29.06.18 no JC -- postponed to 02.07 --    
02.07.18 [Monday, at 14:00, Coffee&Cake JC]  Elina Fuchs and Matthias Schlaffer (Weizmann, special guests) Constraining New Physics with Atomic Precision and Hunting Relaxions at Colliders   no lunch
27.07.18 Brando Bellazzini (Saclay, special guest)

Beyond Positivity and the space of (in)consistent EFTs

Related cluster Lectures 1 and 2

  no lunch


Founding organizer:  Ennio Salvioni, ennio.salvioniATtum.de