Theoretical particle physics

Welcome to our group!

The aim of our work is to develop plausible theories that address the problems of the Standard Model and to derive signatures, which can be tested at experiments like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The central question is the nature of electro-weak symmetry breaking, and the properties of the Higgs particle, which is central to the whole enterprise. The properties of the electroweak symmetry breaking sector remain nebulous, and yet there is no doubt their influence is crucial in many areas of physics such as flavour and CP violation, early Universe cosmology and dark-matter.

Gravity is the heart of many fundamental problems in physics, like dark matter, quantum gravity or the cosmological constant problem. We have recently developed the first general effective field theory of Einstein gravity coupled to the Standard Model of particle physics. We are exploring  phenomenological and formal applications of this new approach.

These areas comprise the current frontiers, and there is high expectation that they will be significantly pushed back by anticipated experiments, including the upgraded LHC. The insights gained will be used to inform and guide theoretical endeavors, and address the most pressing questions surrounding the electro-weak sector, including its puzzling apparent stability, the huge hierarchies between mass scales, the origin of flavour structure and the origin of dark matter.