WS23 General Relativity and Cosmology


The lecture is aimed at master students with an interest in theoretical physics. It is an important preparation for a master thesis in theoretical particle physics. 


  • The first lecture will be on 16.10.23 in HS2 at 8:30.


  • Lightning review of Special Relativity (see prerequisites).

  • Geodesics in space-time

  • Manifolds, tangent spaces, tensors, and Riemannian geometry

  • Einstein Equations

  • Weak Gravity and Gravitational Waves

  • Stars, stellar remnants, and Black Holes (plus wormholes and other solutions)

  • Cosmology

  • Early universe and inflation


Monday 8:30-10:00 (HS 2)
Wednesday 10:15-12  (HS 2)

Exercise groups

The exercises will start in the second week of the semester. More information about the location and registration will be available on moodle.


Relativity chapter in Relativity, Particles, Fields (Latex script.pdf). We have also discussed (quantum-)gravity in the advanced QFT lecture, which is not a pre-requisite but maybe a post-requisite. 


Steven Weinberg - "Gravitation and Cosmology" (1972) and "Cosmology" (2007)
Sean Carroll - "Spacetime and Geometry"
Bob Wald - "General Relativity"
Misner/Thorne/Wheeler - "Gravitation"
Antony Zee - "Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell" (a very big nutshell...)
Landau/Lifschitz - "Classical Field Theory"
Bernard Schutz - "A first course in general relativity"


Lecture Notes

The script, together with the lecture videos, can be found on Moodle.

Exercise Sheet

Exercise bonus: in order to obtain the +0.3 bonus (applicable to the first exam attempt and only to passing grades), you will need to regularly attend the tutorials, present/discuss the solution of at least one exercise, and hand in solutions for at least 50% of the total number of exercises.

You can find all the sheets on the Moodle page. Please submit your solutions on Moodle.