WS 15/16 Supersymmetry and beyond the Standard Model physics




  • The Standard Model as an effective field theory and the hierarchy problem
  • Electro-weak precision and flavour
  • Supersymmetric field theories
  • Grand Unified Theories (GUTs)
  • Electro-weak symmetry breaking in the MSSM and supersymmetry breaking
  • Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
  • Composite Higgs and fingerprinting the Higgs at the LHC


Monday 10--12  (theory library, PH3343)
Tuesday 14--16 (theory library, PH3343)

Monday 14--16 (theory library, PH3343)

Prerequisites: basics of the Standard Model, QFT1

Lecture Notes

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Classic predictions of SU(5)
Lorentz and Poincare - SUSY primer 1
Poincare Little Group (induced representations, little group) - SUSY primer 2
Coleman-Mandula, Susy Algebra (central charge, R-symmetry)
Consequences of the SUSY algebra, SUSY representations (massless and massive) (23/11/15)
Supersymmetric field theories (Wess-Zumino model), on-shell vs. off-shell (24/11/15)
Superspace, superfields and susy covariant actions (30/11/15)
Sfermions, gauge redundancy, U(1) s-gauge theory (1/12/15)
Non-abelian gauge theories, Susy breaking, Goldstino Theorem, F-term breaking (7/12/15)
10 D-term Susy breaking, STr(M2), non-renormalisation theorems, Affleck-Dine-Seiberg superpotential (8/12/15)
11 Non-linear Goldstino multiplet, Goldstino-matter interactions and soft terms (Lecture by Reuben Balkin) (14/12/15)

12 Discussion on X(750 GeV): Landau-Yang Theorem, Higgs low energy theorems, ATLAS/CMS excess
13 Introduction to collider physics, 2 spinors, massless scattering, e+e- colliders
14 DIS, parton distribution functions, pp/ppbar colliders, Altarelli-Parisi (DGLAP)
15 LHC events, jets, new physics searches



Exercise Sheets

Exercise coordination: Reuven Balkin (T75)

Exercise 1 (FCNCs and vectorial quarks, pion decay, custodial symmetry, rho-parameter) 
Exercise 2 (rho parameter in the SM, SU(5): doublet-triplet splitting and flipped, super-potential) 
Exercise 3 (Little group, spinor identities, SUSY commutator) 
Exercise 4 (CPT, susy Yang-Mills, integration in superspace)
Exercise 5 (Susy covariant derivatives, 'chiral projector', non-local vector superfield)
Exercise 6 (Lepton doublet = Hd?, Grand unification, Polonyi Model)