We want to find out what physics lies beyond the Standard Model. And how can we discover it?

All science is deductive and starts with a plausible conjecture. Part of our work is therefore to come up with plausible new physics models. These can e.g. extend the Standard Model into a supersymmetric space-time or conjecture new strongly coupled sectors. Departures from the Standard Model are motivated, since it falls short both experimentally, where dark matter and inflation are unexplained, and theoretically, because of the hierarchy problem, flavor-genesis, the strong CP problem and the matter-antimatter asymmetry, to name just a few. Given a new physics model, we then derive its signatures, calculate predictions, and compare with experiments, which include particle colliders like the LHC at CERN or dark matter searches. 

Spiegel-online story which also covers our group gives a nice introduction to the collider aspects of our work.

Here are the publications by Andreas Weiler [Inspire database link]