Scattering Amplitudes in Quantum Field Theory

This course provides an introduction to modern methods in perturbative Quantum Field Theory, which find their primary application in high-energy physics and in N=4 super symmetric Yang Mills theories. A rough program will be

  1. Representations of the Lorentz and Poincare group, little group and spinor representations 
  2. Spinor helicity formalism for Scattering Amplitudes 
  3. Tree-Level amplitudes, color decomposition and primitive amplitudes,
  4. Recursion techniques (BCFW) 
  5. Loop amplitudes, UV and IR divergences
  6. Introduction to Generalized unitarity for one-loop scattering amplitudes
  7. If time permits: introduction to methods for multiloop calculations

VERY IMPORTANT: info on ex class of February 2nd

The exercise class of February 2nd 2024 will indeed take place as scheduled, on Friday 2nd at 2pm


The course is 2V+2U (2 hours lectures and 2 hours exercises per week).

Lecture notes and exercises will be uploaded week by week on this website during the semester.

Lectures start on October 19th and will take place in PH 3343 every Thursday from 08:30-10:00.

Exercise classes start on October, Friday 27th and will take place in C 3202 from 14:00-15:30.

Lecture Notes

Lectures notes are uploaded here week by week, so please check regularly.

Current version is supplemented by hand written notes, see below. In the coming days, the tex-version will be extended to include all material covered in the lecture.

Here are hand written notes on integrand reduction and unitarity. The teX version will (hopefully) follow soon


Exercise sheets will be uploaded here week by week. If you want the tutor to check them before the exercise class, please send them to him before.

First ex class on October 27th: For a smooth and easy start, in the first exercise class Fabian will recap important properties about the Lorentz group and the concept of Spin. There is no exercise to solve for this week.