TUM-MPP Collider Phenomenology Seminar Series

Seminar series description

Starting in 2024, the "TUM-MPP Collider Phenomenology Seminar Series" is organised collaboratively by TUM and the Max-Planck Institute. This seminar series aims to foster and enhance expertise in collider phenomenology across both institutions. Covering a wide spectrum of topics in high-energy particle physics at colliders, our seminars delve into subjects such as: scattering amplitudes, higher-order perturbative calculations, infrared dynamics, EFTs, resummation approaches, Parton Showers, flavour, jets at colliders, Physics beyond the Standard Model and more.

You can subscribe to this seminars mailing list,mpp-tum-hepph-seminar@lists.lrz.de, viisiting: https://lists.lrz.de/mailman/listinfo/mpp-tum-hepph-seminar

Summer semester 2024

Location: MPP, Physics Department, Garching. Room A.1.01/03
Time: 11:00 am

Date Speaker Title                                                                                                                   
17 Apr 2024 Emanuele Roberto Nocera The path to N3LO distributions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
24 Apr 2024 Domenico Bonocore Soft photons and next-to-leading-power corrections  
15 May 2024 Alexander Penin Light quark mediated Higgs plus jet production at NNLO and beyond                                                                                                                                                              
22 May 2024 Piotr Bargiela Integrated Unitarity for Scattering Amplitudes  
29 May 2024 Gino Isidori CANCELLED  
05 Jun 2024 Valentin Jonathan Hirschi Local Unitarity: Unite and Conquer Infrared Divergences  
12 Jun 2024 Jasmine Brewer Medium-enhanced production of c-cbar pairs in jets  
19 Jun 2024 Aditya Pathak Small-x resummation from Glauber SCET  
21 Jun 2024 Yao Ma Identifying Regions for Asymptotic Expansions of Amplitudes  
03 Jul 2024 Yannick Ulrich Towards QED at N^3LO  
10 Jul 2024 Jonathan Gaunt Double Parton Scattering in QCD  
17 Jul 2024 Marco Zaro TBD  
24 Jul 2024 Marco Vitti Top-quark loops for precision Higgs physics