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Publications 2006

Surface-template assembly of two-dimensional metal-organic coordination networks
Sebastian Stepanow, Nian Lin, Johannes V. Barth, and Klaus Kern
J. Phys. Chem. B 110, 23472-23477 (2006)

Coexistence of one- and two-dimensional and supramolecular assemblies of terephthalic acid on Pd(111) due to self-limiting deprotonation
M.E. Canas-Ventura, F. Klappenberger, S. Clair, S. Pons, K. Kern and H. Brune, T. Strunkus and Ch. Wöll, R. Fasel, J.V. Barth
J. Chem. Phys. 125, 184710 (2006)

Assymetry induction by cooperative intermolecular hydrogen bonds in surface-anchored layers of achiral molecules
Alexandre Dmitriev, Hannes Spillmann, Sebastian Stepanow, Thomas Strunskus, Christof Wöll, Ari P. Seitsonen, Magali Lingenfelder, Nian Lin, Johannes V. Barth, and Klaus Kern
Chem. Phys. Chem. 7, 2197 - 2204 (2006)

Density functional theory analysis of carboxylate-bridged diiron units in two-dimensional metal-organic grids
A.P. Seitsonen, M. Lingenfelder, H. Spillmann, A. Dmitriev, S. Stepanow, N. Lin, K. Kern and J.V. Barth
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128, 5634 (2006)

Non-covalent binding of fullerenes and biomolecules at surface-supported metallosupramolecular receptors
S. Stepanow, N. Lin, J.V. Barth and K. Kern
Chemical Communications, 2153 - 2155 (2006)

Self-assembly and conformation of tetrapyridilporphyrin on the Ag(111) surface
W. Auwärter, A. Weber-Bargioni, A. Riemann, A. Schiffrin, R. Fasel, O. Gröning and J.V. Barth
J. Chem. Phys. 124, 194708 (2006)

Mobility of complex organic species at metal surfaces
Johannes V. Barth, Properties of Single Organic Molecules on Crystal Surfaces
P. Grütter, W. Hofer and F. Rosei, eds., World Scientific, Singapore (2006)

Monitoring two-dimensional coordination reactions: directed assembly of Co-Terephthalate Nanosystems on Au(111)
S. Clair, S. Pons, S. Fabris, S. Baroni, H. Brune, K. Kern, and J.V. Barth
J. Phys. Chem. B 110 (2006)

Electronically Induced Surface Chemistry: Localised Bond breaking vs. Delocalisation
D. Menzel
Surface and Interface Analysis (SIA) 38, 1702-1711( 2006)

Photochemistry on Metal Nanoparticles
Kazuo Watanabe, Dietrich Menzel, Niklas Nilius, and Hans-Joachim Freund
Photochemistry and Photophysics on Surfaces,Ed. J.T.Yates, Jr., Chem. Reviews 106, 4301-4320 (2006):

Quantitative analysis of temperature effects in radiation damage of thiolate-based self-assembled monolayers
A. Shaporenko, M. Zharnikov, P. Feulner and D. Menzel
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 18, S1677-S1689 (2006)

Lateral interactions and nonequilibrium in adsorption and desorption. 1. Experimental results for (2x2)-(3O+NO)/Ru(001)
K.L. Kostov, M. Gsell, W. Widdra, S.H. Payne, H.J. Kreuzer, and D. Menzel
Surface Science 600, 4650-4659 (2006)

Lateral interactions and nonequilibrium in adsorption and desorption. 2. A kinetic lattice gas model for (2x2)-(3O+NO)/Ru(001)
J.-S. McEwen, S.H. Payne, H.J. Kreuzer and D. Menzel
Surface Science 600. 4660-4669 (2006)



Publications 2005

Enhanced field emission from multiwall carbon nanotube films by secondary growth
S. Klinke, E. Delvigne, J.V. Barth, and K. Kern
J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 21677-21680 (2005)

Mesoscopic metallosupramolecular texturing by hierarchic assembly
S. Clair, S. Pons, H. Brune, K. Kern, and J.V. Barth
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 44, 7294-7297 (2005)

Engineering atomic and molecular nanostructures at surfaces
J.V. Barth, G. Costantini and K. Kern
Nature 437, 671-679 (2005)

Chiral phase transition in two-dimensional supramolecular assemblies of prochiral molecules
F. Vidal, E. Delvigne, S. Stepanow, N. Lin, J.V. Barth, and K. Kern
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127, 10101 (2005)

Programming supramolecular assembly and chirality in two-dimensional dicarboxylate networks on a Cu(111) surface
S. Stepanow, N. Lin, F. Vidal, A. Landa, M. Ruben, J.V. Barth, and K. Kern
Nanoletters 5 (5) 901 (2005)

Manipulating 2D metal-organic networks via ligand control
N. Lin, S. Stepanow, F. Vidal, J.V. Barth and K. Kern
Chem. Comm 1681 (2005)

Two-dimensional adatom gas bestowing dynamic heterogeneity on surfaces
N. Lin, D. Payer, A. Dimitriev, T. Strunskus, Ch. Wöll, J.V. Barth and K. Kern
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 44, 1488 (2005)

Epitaxial growth of alkali halides on stepped metal surfaces
A. Riemann, S. Folsch, and K.H. Rieder
Phys. Rev. B 72, 125423 (2005) 

Thermal and nonthermal kinetics of Helium monolayers on Pt(111)
T. Niedermayer, H. Schlichting, D. Menzel, S.H. Payne and H.J. Kreuzer
Phys. Rev. B 71, 045427/1-14(2005)

Multi-atom resonant core excitation in N2 adsorbed on Ni(111): A photoemission and photon-stimulated desorption study
P. Feulner, M. Ecker, P. Jakob, K. Kostov, G. Tyuliev, R. Romberg, R. Weimar, D. Menzel, A. Föhlisch, W. Wurth, S.-H. Yang, C.S. Fadley, R. Larciprete, and S. Lizzit 
Phys. Rev. B 71, 125409 (2005)

Two-photon photoemission from silver nanoparticles on thin alumina films: Role of plasmons 
F. Evers, C. Rakete, K. Watanabe, D. Menzel, and H-J. Freund
Proc. DIET-10, Surf. Sci. 593, 43-48 (2005)

Attosecond charge transfer in c(4x2)-S/Ru(0001): Core hole clock spectroscopy using the Sulphur L1L2/3V Coster-Kronig decay
A. Föhlisch, P. Feulner, F. Hennies, A. Fink, D. Menzel, D. Sanchez-Portal, P.M. Echenique, and W. Wurth
Nature 436,373-376 (2005)

Stability of water monolayers on Ru(0001): Thermal and electronically induced dissociation
N.S. Faradzhev, K.L. Kostov, P. Feulner, T.E. Madey, and D. Menzel
Chem. Phys. Letters 415, 165-171 (2005)

Adsorption and desorption of CO on Ru(0001): A comprehensive analysis
J.-S- McEwen, S.H. Payne, H.J. Kreuzer, and D. Menzel
Surface Science 594, 240-262 (2005)



Publications 2004

Deprotonation-driven phase transformations in terephthalic acid self-assembly on Cu(100)
S. Stepanow, T. Strunskus, M. Lingenfelder, A. Dimitriev, H. Spillman, N. Lin, J.V. Barth, Ch. Wöll and K. Kern
J. Phys. Chem. B 108, 19392 (2004)

STM study of terephthalic acid self-assembly on Au(111) : Hydrogen-bonded sheets on an inhomogenous substrate
S. Clair, S. Pons, A.P. Seitsonen, H. Brune,  K. Kern and J.V. Barth
J. Phys. Chem. B 108, 14585 (2004)

Mesoscopic chiral step faceting of Ag(110) induced by the organic molecule PVBA
J.I. Pascual, J.V. Barth, G. Ceballos, G. Trimarchi, A. De Vita, K. Kern and H.-P. Rust
J. Chem. Phys. 120, 11367 (2004)

Design of extended surface-supported chiral metal-organic arrays comprising mononuclear iron centers
A. Dmitriev, H. Spillmann, M. Lingenfelder, N. Lin, J.V. Barth and K. Kern
Langmuir 20, 4799 (2004)

Towards surface-supported supramolecular architectures : Tailored coordination assembly of 1,4-benezenedicarboxylate and Fe on Cu(100)
M. Lingenfelder, H. Spillmann, A. Dmitriev, S. Stepanow, N. Lin, J.V. Barth and K. Kern
Chem. Eur. J. 10, 1913 (2004)

Steering molecular organization and host-guest interactions using tailor-made two-dimensional nanoporous coordination systems
S. Stepanow, M. Lingenfelder, A. Dmitriev, H. Spillmann, N. Lin, Ch. Cai, J.V. Barth and K. Kern
Nature Mat. 3, 229 (2004)

Electron coherence in a melting lead monolayer
F. Baumberger, W. Auwarter, T. Greber, and J. Osterwalder
Science, 306, 2221-2224 (2004)

Substrate-induced supramolecular ordering of functional molecules : Theoretical modelling and STM investigation of the PEBA/Ag(111) system
M. Vladimirova, G. Trimarchi, J. Weckesser, K. Kern, J.V. Barth and A. De Vita
Acta Mat. 52, 1589 (2004)

Electronic transfer processes studied at different time scales by selective resonant core hole excitation of adsorbed molecules
C. Keller, M. Stichler, A. Fink, P. Feulner, D. Menzel, A. Föhlisch, F. Hennies, and W. Wurth 
Appl. Phys.78, 125-129 (2004)

Hydrogen on Ru(001) revisited: Vibrational structure, adsorption states, and lateral coupling
K.L. Kostov, W. Widdra, and D. Menzel
Surface Science 560, 130-144 (2004)

Vibrational properties and lateral interactions of the (2x2)-(O + CO) coadsorbate layer on Ru(001) 
K. L. Kostov, W. Widdra, and D. Menzel
J. Phys. Chem. B 38, 14324-14331(2004) (Ertl Festschrift)

Strong temperature dependence of irradiation effects in organic layers. (Short version in: Proc. of DIET-10, Surface Sci. 593, 252-255 (2005)) 
P. Feulner, T. Niedermayer, K. Eberle, R. Schneider, D. Menzel, A. Baumer, E. Schmich, A. Shaporenko, Y. Tai, and M. Zharnikov 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 178302 (2004)