Lectures WS 2023/24

Lectures SS 2023


Advanced Lab Course (FOPRA):

Our chair offers the following experiments:

Nr 35: Electron spectroscopy on surfaces
Supervisors: Ignacio Piquero-Zulaica (ge46biq@mytum.de) and
Mohammadreza Rostami (mohammadreza.rostami@tum.de)
Description (PDF)

Nr. 83: Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy & Molecular Imaging
Supervisors: Dennis Meier (dennis.meier@tum.de)
Description (PDF)

Nr. 89: Basic Techniques of Surface Physics
Supervisors: Nan Cao (nan.cao@tum.de), Wenchao Zhao (wenchao.zhao@tum.de)
Description (PDF)

Further information on experiments at:  Advanced Lab Course (FOPRA)