Proseminar in the Summer Term 2024

Proseminar Quantum Optics and Ultrafast Physics

In the Proseminar “Photonics and Ultrafast Physics”, one specific topic from the field of photonics, ultrafast physics and laser physics is examined by student talks followed by a discussion. Within the seminar, basic concepts of literature retrieval and good scientific practice will be taught and practiced.

In the summer term 2024, the seminar "Photonics and Ultrafast Time Physics" offers an insight into the world of ultrafast pulsed fiber lasers, a crucial area of optical technologies. It not only covers the fundamental principles and technologies of these lasers, but also their remarkable applications and future prospects. Participants will be introduced to various aspects of these lasers, from their operation and manufacturing methods to innovative applications. Special emphasis will be placed on their outstanding features such as precision, reliability, and versatility, which make them indispensable in numerous fields.

The seminar provides not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical insights. Through presentations and discussions, participants have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and improve their presentation skills. From proper posture to compelling use of visual materials, this seminar offers a holistic approach to expanding expertise and developing practical skills. The seminar "Photonics and Ultrafast Physics" is aimed at bachelor's and master's students and is conducted bilingually in English and German. In addition to the seminar, a Moodle course is offered, providing participants with additional resources and materials. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to schedule individual office hours with the seminar leader to address questions and receive further assistance.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Hristo Iglev or Natalija Rigere at the beginning of a semester for further information and the date of the preliminary meeting.