ESI Team

Former members

Karolina Stoiber


Master Theses – Bachelor Theses – Working Students

The ESI team welcomes students to join as working students or for master / bachelor thesis with background or interest in:

  • instrumentation and chemistry of mass spectrometry
  • development of analytical instrumentation compounds (electronics, UHV/mechanics, software),
  • surface science, simulations and (bio)chemistry
  • scanning probe techniques
  • DIY’er

Current scope of work:

  • Development, optimization and test of innovative deposition methods (work on hardware like ion source and guides, pressure stages, quadrupole, electronics)
  • Expansion of the spectrum of species successfully deposited (in particular towards higher masses e.g. protein complexes, nano-/virus(like) particles; and objects at the electronics/biomolecule interface)
  • Optimization of sample preparation principles and their impact on ionization efficiency

Potential projects may cover:  

  • Building blocks: analysis of DNA and protein mono/oligomers on coinage surfaces (in continuation of results from an ongoing PhD project), deposition in layers (sandwich),
  • Electrospray process: implementation of sheaths gas, assessment of emitter geometries and materials in context with ionization efficiency,
  • Electrolyte physics and chemistry of droplet building and ionization, use of additives (charge enhancers, solubilizers),
  • Soft/reactive landing: assessment of different energy schemes applied to molecules prone to oligomerization, to decomposition or those carrying core units with varying functional groups – effects on surfaces
  • Quadrupole and overall performance optimization with respect to transmission, resolution, recovery and calibration