Publications 2012

Homo-coupling of terminal alkynes on a noble metal surface
Y. Zhang, N. Kepĉija, M. Kleinschrodt, K. Diller, S. Fischer, A. C. Papageorgiou, F. Allegretti, J. Björk, S. Klyatskaya, F. Klappenberger, M. Ruben & J. V. Barth
Nature Communications 3, Art.# 1286

Boron nitride on Cu(111): An electronically corrugated monolayer
S. Joshi, D. Ecija, R. Koitz, M. Iannuzzi, A.P. Seitsonen, J. Hutter, H. Sachdev, S. Vijayaraghavan, F. Bischoff, K. Seufert, J.V. Barth and W. Auwärter
Nano Lett. 2012, 12 (11), pp 5821–5828

Nature of the attractive interaction between proton acceptors and organic ring systems
E. Arras, A.Pl Seitsonen, F. Klappenberger and J.V. Barth
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2012, 14, 15995-16001

Binding geometry of hydrogen-bonded chain motif in self-assembled gratings and layers on Ag(111)
J. Lipton-Duffin, J.A. Miwa, S.G. Urquhart, G. Contini, A. Cossaro, L. Casalis, J.V. Barth, L. Floreano, A. Morgante and F. Rosei
Langmuir, 2012, 28 (40), pp 14291–14300

Photocurrent of a single photosynthetic protein
D. Gerster, J. Reichert, H. Bi, J.V. Barth, S.M. Kaniber, A.W. Holleitner, I. Visoly-Fisher, S. Sergani and I. Carmeli
Nature Nanotechnology 7, 673–676 (2012),
Pressemitteilung MAP
Interview with J. Reichert in "Welt der Physik", Podcast

see also: Single molecules: A protein in the spotlight
N. Plumeré
Nature Nanotechnology 7, 673–676 (2012)

l-Cysteine on Ag(111): A combined STM and X-ray spectroscopy study of anchorage and deprotonation
S. Fischer, A.C. Papageorgiou, M. Marschall, J. Reichert, K. Diller, F. Klappenberger, F. Allegretti, A. Nefedov, C. Wöll and J.V. Barth
J. Phys. Chem. C, 2012, 116 (38), pp 20356–20362 {pdf}

Attosecond time-resolved photoemission from core and valence states of magnesium
S. Neppl, R. Ernstorfer, E. M. Bothschafter, A. L. Cavalieri, D. Menzel, J. V. Barth, F. Krausz, R. Kienberger and P. Feulner
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 087401 (2012) [5 pages]

Inner valence excitations of condensed neon
B. Kassühlke, P. Feulner
Low Temp. Physics/Fizika Nizkikh Temp., 2012, v 38, No. 8, pp. 942-948 {pdf}

Selective supramolecular fullerene–porphyrin interactions and switching in surface-confined C60–Ce(TPP)2 dyads
S. Vijayaraghavan,  D. Écija, W. Auwärter, S. Joshi, K. Seufert, A. P. Seitsonen, K. Tashiro and J.V. Barth
Nano Lett, 2012, 12 (8), pp 4077–4083

Unraveling the hierarchic formation of open-porous bimolecular networks
W. Krenner, F. Klappenberger, N. Kepčija, E. Arras, Y. Makoudi, D. Kühne, S. Klyatskaya, M. Ruben, J.V. Barth
Phys. Chem. C, 2012, 116 (31), pp 16421–16429

Water does partially dissociate on the perfect TiO2(110) surface: A quantitative structure determination
D.A. Duncan, F. Allegretti, D.P. Woodruff
APS Journals Phys. Rev. B, Volume86, Issue 4

Two-dimensional short-range disordered crystalline networks from flexible molecular modules
D. Écija, S. Vijayaraghavan, W. Auwärter, S. Joshi, K. Seufert, C. Aurisicchio, D. Bonifazi, and J. V. Barth
ACS Nano, 2012, 6 (5), pp 4258–4265

Visibility of TiO2(110)(1x1) bridging oxygen in core level photoelectron spectroscopy
F. Allegretti, J.P.W. Treacy and R. Lindsay
Phys. Rev. B 85, 205422 (2012)

Chemical transformations drive complex self-assembly of uracil on close-packed coinage metal surfaces
A. C. Papageorgiou, S. Fischer, J. Reichert, K. Diller, F. Blobner, F. Klappenberger, F. Allegretti, A. P. Seitsonen, and J. V. Barth 
ACS Nano, 2012, 6 (3), pp 2477–2486 {pdf via MediaTUM}
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Gas-to-solid shift of C 1s-excited benzene
R. Flesch, E. Serdaroglu, F. Blobner, P. Feulner, X. O. Brykalova, A. A. Pavlychev, N. Kosugi and E. Rühl
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., (2012)

Hierarchically organized bimolecular ladder network exhibiting guided one-dimensional diffusion
Y. Makoudi, E. Arras, N. Kepčija, W. Krenner, S. Klyatskaya, F. Klappenberger, M. Ruben, A. P. Seitsonen, and J. V. Barth
ACS Nano, 2012, 6 (1), pp 549–556 {pdf} supporting information Quicktime video

Orbital-symmetry-dependent electron transfer through molecules assembled on metal substrates
F. Blobner, P. B. Coto, F. Allegretti, M. Bockstedte, O. Rubio-Pons, H. Wang, D. L. Allara, M. Zharnikov, M. Thoss, and P. Feulner
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 3, 436-440 (2012)

A surface-anchored molecular four-level conductance switch based on single proton transfer
W. Auwärter, K. Seufert, F. Bischoff, D. Ecija, S. Vijayaraghavan,
S. Joshi, F. Klappenberger, N. Samudrala and J. V. Barth
N. Nanotechnology 7, 41-46 (2012)  {pdf} supporting information
see also: N. Nanotechnology 7, 5-6 (2012) (P. Liljeroth)
OpenAccess Paper via MediaTUM

Self-metalation of 2H-tetraphenylporphyrin on Cu(111): An x-ray spectroscopy study
K. Diller, F. Klappenberger, M. Marschall, K. Hermann, A. Nefedov, Ch. Wöll, and J. V. Barth
Journ. Chem. Phys.. 136, 014705 (2012) {pdf}
OpenAccess Paper via MediaTUM