Publications 2011

Orbital-Dependent Charge Transfer Dynamics in Conjugated Self-Assembled Monolayers
H. Hamoudi, S. Neppl, P. Kao, B. Schüpbach, P. Feulner, A. Terfort, D. Allara and M. Zharnikov 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 027801 (2011)

A versatile partial electron yield detector with large acceptance angle and well-defined threshold energy and gain
F.Blobner, S.Neppl, P.Feulner
J. Elec. Spec. Rel. Phenom. 184, 483-486 (2011)

Preserving Charge and Oxidation State of Au(III) Ions in an Agent-Functionalized Nanocrystal Model System
S. Müllegger, W. Schöfberger, M. Rashidi, T. Lengauer, F. Klappenberger, K. Diller, K. Kara, J.V. Barth, E. Rauls, W.G. Schmidt, R. Koch 
ACS Nano, 2011, 5(8), pp 6480-6486; {pdf}

State-resolved investigation of the photodesorption dynamics of NO from (NO)2 on Ag nanoparticles of various sizes in comparison with Ag(111)
D. Mulugeta, K. Watanabe, D. Menzel, H. J. Freund 
Journ. Chem. Phys. 134, 164702 (2011)

A flexible apparatus for attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy of solids and surfaces 
E. Magerl, S. Neppl, A. L. Cavalieri, E. M. Bothschafter, M. Stanislawski, Th. Uphues, M. Hofstetter, U. Kleineberg, J. V. Barth, D. Menzel, F. Krausz, R. Ernstorfer, R. Kienberger, P. Feulner 
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 063104 (2011)

Dynamics of ultrafast dissociation of hydrogenic molecules by resonant antibonding core electron excitation: Conclusions from detuning dependence of H+- kinetic energy distributions from condensed films
R. Weimar, R. Romberg, B. Naydenov, D. Menzel, P. Feulner 
Chem. Phys. Lett. 510, Iss. 1-3, 78-81

Positioning of Single Co Atoms Steered by a Self-Assembled Organic Molecular Template
W. Krenner, F. Klappenberger, D. Kühne, K. Diller, Z. Qu. M. Ruben & J.V. Barth 
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2011, 2, 1639-1645 {pdf}

Assembly and manipulation of cerium-porphyrinato sandwich complexes on a surface
D. Écija, W. Auwärter, S. Vijarayaraghavan, K. Seufert, F. Bischoff, K. Tashiro & J.V. Barth 
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 50, 3872-3877 (2011); supporting informat

The surface trans effect: Influence of axial ligands on the surface chemical bonds of adsorbed metalloporphyrins
W. Hieringer, K. Flechtner, A. Kretschmann, K. Seufert, W. Auwärter, J.V. Barth, A. Görling, H.-P. Steinrück, J.M. Gottfried 
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133, 6206–6222 (2011), {pdf}supporting information

Uniform π-system alignment in thin films of template-grown dicarbonitrile-oligophenyls
F. Klappenberger, D. Kühne, M. Marschall, S. Neppl, W. Krenner, A. Nefedov, T. Strunskus, K. Fink, Ch. Wöll, S. Klyatskaya, O. Fuhr, M. Ruben, J.V. Barth
Adv. Func. Mat. 21-7, 1631-1641 (2011){pdf}supporting information

Surface-confined self-assembly of di-carbonitrile polyphenyls 
S. Klyatskaya, F. Klappenberger, U. Schlickum, D. Kühne, M. Marschall, J. Reichert, R. Decker, W. Krenner, G. Zoppellaro,
H. Brune, J. V. Barth, and M. Ruben
Adv. Func. Mat. 21-7, 1230-1240 (2011),  {pdf}

Cis-dicarbonyl binding at cobalt and iron porphyrins with saddle-shape conformation 
K. Seufert, M. Bocquet, W. Auwärter, A. Weber-Bargioni, J. Reichert, N. Lorente, J.V. Barth 
Nature Chem. 3, 114-119 (2011), {pdf}supporting information
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Tunable quantum dot arrays formed from self-assembled metal-organic networks
F. Klappenberger, D. Kühne, W. Krenner, I. Silanes, A. Arnau, F.J. García de Abajo, S. Klyatskaya, M. Ruben, and J.V. Barth
Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 026802 (2011){pdf}supporting information
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