Our research activities are the result of a team effort. We have extensive collaborations with colleagues of complementary expertise in particular in theory (condensed matter physics chemistry), and in molecular synthesis, but also in surface science studies. Our research is strengthened by extensive internal collaborations within the E20 chair. We are always happy to offer our methodological expertise and scientific insight of surfaces in collaborations. As a team we foster a supportive, well-equipped and fun environment which benefits from the diverse scientific trajectories of our talented team members.

Currently working team members are:

Anthoula Papageorgiou (a.c.papageorgiou (at) tum.de)

Anthoula has been researching in the Technical University of Munich since 2010, where she enjoys putting together and watching molecules on surfaces.
Anthoula originates from the Greek city of Thessaloniki and has spent a large part of her life in London and Cambridge, England. She owns mementos from this international career: a BSc in Physics (2000) from Queen Mary & Westfield College, a CPGS in Materials Science (2002) from University of Cambridge, a MSc in Processes & Advanced Materials Technology (2004) from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a PhD in Physical Chemistry (2007) from University College London and a Habilitation in Experimental Physics (2019) from TUM.

Publications: ORCiD: orcid.org/0000-0003-1054-0097 / ResearcherID: O-8325-2016 / Google scholar

Hongxiang Xu (hongxiang.xu (at) tum.de)

Xiang comes from China. He likes running, watching movies and playing ping-pong. He is also interested in physics.
Xiang is currently the recipient of a doctoral scholarship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

Dennis Meier (dennis.meier (at) tum.de)

Dennis was born and raised in a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia, but spent his adolescence in different parts of Germany and France. Despite of acquiring his Bachelor’s (Ulm University) and Master’s degree (TUM) in the field of Physical and Technical Chemistry, he wanted to dive deeper into the physical matter. Staying true to his new Bavarian home, with the Alps in the backyard, he joined the group in spring 2020. He specializes in building and characterizing 2D- and 3D-frameworks on metal surfaces in UHV.

Dennis’s research is funded through the DFG priority programme COORNETs.



Past members:

Peter Knecht, PhD project 'Transition Metal Centers Embedded in Surface-Confined Coordination Environments: Tunable Interfaces and N-Heterocyclic Carbene Nanoarchitectures', 2016-2021

Benedikt Schoof (benedikt.schoof (at) web.de), Master's project 'Spin Crossover and Foldamer Molecules on Ag(111): Deposited by Electrospray Controlled Ion Beam Deposition and Visualized by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy', 2020-2021

Adrian Wittmeir (wittmeieradrian (at) gmail.com), Bachelor project, 2020-2021


We carve out research projects as training platforms for students from the bachelor to the doctoral level. Those projects both contribute to developing our collective line of research while endowing the involved junior scientists with rigorous scientific thinking, cutting edge UHV experimentation, clear science communication and good working practice. Hence, within the very fundamental nature of our research domain, our students are given an education which prepares them for vocations beyond academia, for example in the research and development private sector.

Interested to join us? Contact us at any point for an informal discussion. :-)

Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s theses topics