Our research

From the smallest to the infinity — The Physics Department of TUM is not only the origin of the Research Campus Garching, but also one of the biggest and most prominent research centers for physics in Europe.

Research groups Group leader
Molecular Engineering at Functional Interfaces Wilhelm Auwärter
Experimental Physics of Functional Spin Systems Christian Back
Physics of Energy Conversion and Storage Aliaksandr Bandarenka
Molecular Nanoscience and Chemical Physics of Interfaces Johannes Barth
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics Martin Beneke
Theoretical Particle and Nuclear Physics Nora Brambilla
Theory of Functional Energy Materials David Egger
Dense and Strange Hadronic Matter Laura Fabbietti
Precision Measurement at Extreme Conditions Peter Fierlinger
Technical Physics (Quantum Computing and Information Processing) Stefan Filipp
Semiconductor Quantum Nanosystems Jonathan Finley
Theoretical Physics of the Early Universe Björn Garbrecht
Technical Physics Rudolf Gross
Biomedical Imaging Physics Julia Herzen
Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Alexander Holleitner
Theoretical Particle Physics Alejandro Ibarra
Laser and X-ray Physics Reinhard Kienberger
Condensed Matter Theory

Michael Knap
Johannes Knolle
Frank Pollmann

Quantum Algorithms and Applications Barbara Kraus
Nonequilibrium Chemical Physics Katharina Krischer
Particle Physics at low Energies Bastian Märkisch
Dark Matter Susanne Mertens
Functional Materials Peter Müller-Buschbaum
Experimental Physics and Astrophysics Lothar Oberauer
Soft Matter Christine Papadakis
Hadronic Structure and Fundamental Symmetries Stephan Paul
Biomedical Physics Franz Pfeiffer
Topology of Correlated Systems Christian Pfleiderer
Quantum Technologies Menno Poot
Applied Quantum Theory Peter Rabl
Quantum Networks Andreas Reiserer
Experimental Physics with Cosmic Particles Elisa Resconi
AI-based Materials Science Patrick Rinke
Experimental Astroparticle Physics Stefan Schönert
Experimental Semiconductor Physics Ian Sharp
Plasma Edge and Divertor Physics Ulrich Stroth
Experimental Semiconductor Physics Martin Stutzmann
Observational Cosmology Sherry Suyu
Theoretical Particle Physics Lorenzo Tancredi
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics Andreas Weiler
Particle Physics Giulia Zanderighi