Scientific Workshop for Particle/Neutron Beams (Prof. Müller-Buschbaum)

The professional expertise of the scientific workshop of particle/neutron beams is the development and manufacture of highly specialized sample environment and sensors for use on large-scale research facilities such as accelerators, neutron and synchrotron radiation sources. This needs a very specialalized knowledge of the usable materials (e.g. not activatable material in neutron and accelerator experiments), their processing and composite technology. The close cooperation with the scientific community, due to the involvement of the workshop staff in the experiments enables highly complex individual productions, including for experiments on large-scale research facilities (e.g. FRM -II, ILL, HASYLAB, ESRF). This expertise is complemented by support for operation, maintenance, and repair of the flight spectrometer at the FRM II


Reinhold Funer
Thomas Gänsheimer


Milling machine Deckel FP4ME
Milling machine Kunzmann WF4
Milling machine Mikron WF1
Lathe Weiler Primus VC
Lathe Weiler Matador
Lathe Weiler E/30
Drill Gillardon
Drill Flott type B6
Bandsaw Jaespa MSU4