The group in March 2023

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Mitarbeiter/Staff - Contact

Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Müller-Buschbaum Peter +49-89-289-12451 muellerb(at)
Papadakis Christine +49-89-289-12447 christine.papadakis(at)
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
PhD Students:      
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Alvarez Herrera Pablo Andres 49-89-289-12463 pablo.alvarez(at)
Apfelbeck Fabian +49-89-289-12461 fabian.apfelbeck(at)
Baier Thomas +49-89-289-12457 thomas.baier(at)
Buyan-Arivjikh Altantulga +49-89-289-12461 tulga.buyan(at)
Cheng Lyuyang +49-89-289-12461 lyuyang.cheng(at)
Ci Xiaojing +49-89-289-12457
Everett Christopher Reck +49-89-289-12454 christopher.everett(at)
Guan Tianfu +49-89-289-12449 tianfu.guan(at)
Heger Julian Eliah +49-89-289-12455 julian.heger(at)
Huber Linus +49-89-289-12461 linus.huber(at)
Jiang Xiongzhuo


Jin Zhaonan +49-89-289-12457 zhaonan.jin(at)
Kosbahn David +49-89-289-12462 david.kosbahn(at)
Le Dû Morgan +49-89-289-12462 morgan.ledu(at)
Li Lixing +49-89-289-12457
Li Yanan +49-89-289-12463
Li Zerui +49-89-289-12461
Liang Suzhe +49-89-289-12454 suzhe.liang(at)
Liang Yuxin +49-89-289-12456 yuxin.liang(at)
Lindenmeir Christoph +49-89-289-12457 christoph.lindenmeir(at)
Oechsle Anna-Lena +49-89-289-12450 annalena.oechsle(at)
Pan Guangjiu +49-89-289-12462 guangjiu.pan(at)
Petz Dominik +49-89-289-12137 dominik.petz(at)
Pham Thien An +49-89-289-11774 thien-an.pham(at)
Pivarnikova Ivana +49-89-289-54819 ivana.pivarnikova(at)
Qi Ruoxuan +49-89-289-12461
Reb Lennart +49-89-289-12455 lennart.reb(ab)
Reitenbach Julija +49-89-289-12449


Reus Manuel Andree +49-89-289-12450 manuel.scheel(at)
Spanier Lukas +49-89-289-12450 lukas.spanier(at)
Sun Kun +49-89-289-12456 kun.sun(at)
Tian Ting +49-89-289-12453 ting.tian(at)
Tu Suo +49-89-289-12450 suo.tu(at)
Wang Peixi +49-89-289-12474
Wegener Simon +49-89-289-12462 simon.wegener(at)
Weindl Christian Ludwig +49-89-289-12474 christian.weindl(at)
Westphal Lea +49-89-289-12129 lea.westphal(at)
Xiao Tianxiao +49-89-289-12462 tianxiao.xiao(at)
Xu Zhuijun +49-89-289-12455 zhuijun.xu(at)
Yan Yingying +49-89-289-12462 yingying.yan(at)
Zhang Peiran +49-89-289-12463 peiran.zhang(at)
Zhang Jinsheng +49-89-289-12457 jinsheng.zhang(at)
Zheng Feifei +49-89-289-12463 feifei.zheng(at)
Zheng Tianle +49-89-289-12461 tianle.zheng(at)
Zhong Huaying +49-89-289-12455 huaying.zhong(at)
Master Students:      
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Azzouni Tarek +49-89-289-12457 tarek.azzouni(at)
Chatterjee Mrinalini +49-89-289-12457 mrinalini.chatterjee(at)
Darsow Jan +49-89-289-12457 jan.darsow(at)
Dehghan-Manschadi Nikan +49-89-289-12457 nikan.dehghan-manschadi(at)
Fong Kin Long +49-89-289-12457 kl.fong(at)
Garg Mayank +49-89-289-12457 mayank.garg(at)
Garg Tannu +49-89-289-12457 tannu.garg(at)
Gavriilildou Kyriaki Nektaria +49-89-289-12457 kyriaki.gavriilidou(at)
Lovric Petar +49-89-289-12457 petar.lovric(at)
Papadaki Paraskevi +49-89-289-12457 paraskevi.papadaki(at)
Parichha Antariksh +49-89-289-12457 antariksh.parichh(at)
Piecuch Timo +49-89-289-12457 timo.piecuch(at)
Pyae Ni Lar Win +49-89-289-12457 nilarwin.pyae(at)
Seiter Martin (external) martin.seiter(at)
Talib Faryal +49-89-289-12457 faryal.talib(at)
Wenczel Daniel +49-89-289-12457 daniel.wenczel(at)
Bachelor Students:      
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Funer Reinhold +49-89-289-12496 rfuner(at)
Kaplonski Josef +49-89-289-12467 jk(at)
Kappauf Carola +49-89-289-14627 carola.kappauf(at)
Waletzki Marion +49-89-289-12452 marion.waletzki(at)