Dr. Wolfram Helml


Physik Department E11
Lehrstuhl für Laser- und Röntgenphysik
Technische Universität München TUM
James-Franck-Straße 1
85748 Garching, Germany
Phone: +49 / 89 / 289-12861
Email: wolfram.helml@tum.de

Research Expertise and Interests

  • Higher-order harmonic generation (HHG) with various laser wavelengths and geometries
  • Control & measurement of carrier–envelope phase (CEP) and field-dependent aspects for few-cycle laser pulses
  • Attosecond dynamics on solids and surfaces
  • Development & temporal characterization of (X)UV & X-ray sources
  • Dynamics of free electrons and relaxation pathways in liquid water
  • Understanding fundamental quantum phenomena and their relation to processes in the macroscopic world

Curriculum Vitae

Education and Research Experience

2014 - present

Marie-Curie research fellow and postdoctoral scholar

Lehrstuhl für Laser- und Röntgenphysik, Prof. Reinhard Kienberger, Technische Universität München, Germany

2012 - 2014

Marie-Curie research fellow and postdoctoral scholar

Project: Single-shot X-ray Pulse Duration Acquisition & Time-resolved X-ray Spectroscopy (SiXPAc & T-ReX), in cooperation with Dr. R. N. Coffee and Prof. P. Bucksbaum

SLAC, Stanford University, Menlo Park, California, USA


Promotion with distinction (summa cum laude) towards Dr. rer. nat. (PhD)

Thesis title: Development & Characterization of Sources for high-energy, high-intensity coherent Radiation

Supervisor: Prof. Reinhard Kienberger

Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching & Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany


Diploma in physics (Mag. rer. nat.)

Thesis title: Der Einfluss von CP-Verletzung auf Neutralino-3-Körper Zerfälle in Fermionen der Dritten Generation

Supervisor: Prof. Alfred Bartl

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria

1997Military service in HSNS (Austrian military sports school)

Matura (school leaving exam)

Akademisches Gymnasium, Linz, Austria


2012- 2015Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship in cooperation with Technische Universität München & Stanford University
2007 - 2011Member of the International Max Planck Research School on Advanced Photon Science (IMPRS-APS)
2007Scholarship of the Max Planck Society

List of Publications

  • N. Hartmann, G. Hartmann, R. Heider, M. S. Wagner, M. Ilchen, J. Buck, A. O. Lindahl, C. Benko, J. Grünert, J. Krzywinski, J. Liu, A. A. Lutman, A. Marinelli, T. Maxwell, A. A. Miahnahri, S. P. Moeller, M. Planas, J. Robinson, A. K. Kazansky, N. M. Kabachnik, J. Viefhaus, T. Feurer, R. Kienberger, R. N. Coffee & W. Helml: „Attosecond time–energy structure of X-ray free-electron laser pulses”, Nature Photonics 12, 215–220 (2018)

  • M. C. Hoffmann, I. Grguraš, C. Behrens, C. Bostedt, J. Bozek, H. Bromberger, R. N. Coffee, J. T. Costello, L. F. DiMauro, Y. Ding, G. Doumy, W. Helml, M. Ilchen, R. Kienberger, S. Lee, A. R. Maier, T. Mazza, M. Meyer, M. Messerschmidt, S. Schorb, W. Schweinberger, K. Zhang & A. L. Cavalieri: „Femtosecond profiling of shaped x-ray pulses“, New Journal of Physics, Volume 20, March 2018

  • W. Helml, I. Grguraš, P. N. Jurani, S. Düsterer, T. Mazza, A. R. Maier, N. Hartmann, M. Ilchen, G. Hartmann, L. Patthey, C. Callegari, J. T. Costello, M. Meyer, R. N. Coffee, A. L. Cavalieri, R. Kienberger, „Ultrashort Free-Electron Laser X-ray Pulses“, Appl. Sci. 7, 915–956 (2017)

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  • N. Hartmann, W. Helml, A. Galler, M. R. Bionta, J. Grünert, S. L. Molodtsov, K. R. Ferguson, S. Schorb, M. L. Swiggers, S. Carron, C. Bostedt, J.-C. Castagna, J. Bozek, J. M. Glownia, D. J. Kane, A. R. Fry, W. E. White, C. P. Hauri, T. Feurer & R. N. Coffee, Sub-femtosecond precision measurement of relative X-ray arrival time for free-electron lasers, Nature Photonics 8, 706–709 (2014)
  • W. Helml*, A. R. Maier*, W. Schweinberger, I. Grguras, P. Radcliff, G. Doumy, C. Roedig, J. Gagnon, M. Messerschmidt, S. Schorb, C. Bostedt, F. Grüner, L. F. DiMauro, D. Cubaynes, J. D. Bozek, T. Tschentscher, J. T. Costello, M. Meyer, R. Coffee, S. Düsterer, A. L. Cavalieri & R. Kienberger, Measuring the temporal structure of few-femtosecond free-electron laser X-ray pulses directly in the time domain, Nature Photonics 8, 950–957 (2014)
  • G. Marcus, W. Helml, X. Gu, Y. Deng, R. Hartmann, T. Kobayashi, L. Strueder, R. Kienberger & F. Krausz, Sub-femtosecond K-shell excitation with a few-cycle infrared laser field, Physical Review Letters 108, 023201 (2012)
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  • M. Fieß, B. Horváth, T. Wittmann, W. Helml, Y. Cheng, B. Zeng, Z. Xu, A. Scrinzi, F. Krausz & R. Kienberger, Attosecond control of tunneling ionization and electron trajectories, New Journal of Physics 13, 033031 (2011)
  • T. Wittmann, B. Horvath, W. Helml, M. G. Schätzel, X. Gu, A. L. Cavalieri, G. G. Paulus & R. Kienberger, Single-Shot Carrier-Envelope Phase Measurement of Few-Cycle Laser Pulses, Nature Physics 5, 357–362 (2009)
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