We welcome Johannes Daniel and Radhika Goyal who will be doing their MSc projects in our group.


Our work on Optomechanical Mode-Shape Mapping in the Presence of Crosstalk is now published.
Congratulations to Timo for his first first-author paper!


Today, we hiked up the Wendelstein mountain. From the Sudelfeld pass we walked towards a nice spot for lunch and then ascended the summit where we had a magnificent view. Next stop was the restaurant and then we hiked back to the cars. After all the hard work we had a refreshing swim in the Schliersee.


Menno raced to the second place in the Professor category for the TUM Campuslauf. After 11km running, he is now officially the second-fastest professor of TUM.


Good news from our Nanomechanics team: our paper on Geometric tuning of stress in pre-displaced silicon nitride resonators is accepted for publication in Nano Letters and a pre-print of the theoretical analysis of these intriguing structures is now available on the arXiv.


We welcome Andreas Steinhart who will be doing his MSc project in our group. He will be working on hybrid AlN-SiN photonics.


We welcome Hafsa Tscharki from the Städtisches Sophie-Scholl-Gymnasium München. She will do her high school Praktikum in our group this week.


Our paper on hybrid aluminium nitride on silicon nitride photonic circuits is now published in Optics Express.