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Helical X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography without phase stepping

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Marschner, M., Willner, M., Potdevin, G., Fehringer, A., Noël, P. B., Pfeiffer, F. and Herzen, J. Scientific reports 6, p. 23953 (2016). []


Purpose: The presented work is based on moiré fringe scanning, which allows fast data acquisition in radiographic applications such as mammography or in-line product analysis. Here, we demonstrate its extension to tomography enabling a continuous helical sample rotation as routinely performed in clinical CT systems.


Figure: The differential-phase projections acquired without stepping can be utilized to reconstruct the distribution of the refractive index decrement of the measured sample. This figure shows an axial slice of the tomographic reconstruction of the linear attenuation coefficient and the refractive index decrement. The three phantom materials LDPE (1), POM (2) and PMMA (3) are clearly visible.