Thesis Projects

Here you can find a list of PhD, Diploma, Master's and Bachelor's Thesis that have been written at the group.

Kottarappilly Balachandran, Sreelakshmi M.Sc. Thesis,
April  2023 
"Phase Retrieval Methods for Low-Dose Multi-Scale Phase-Contrast Imaging at a Synchrotron"
Rieder, Nina Theresa M.Sc. Thesis,
April  2023 
"Structural Analysis of Metal Powders used in Additive Manufacturing via X-ray Dark-Field Imaging"
Kirst, Miriam              M.Sc. Thesis,
February  2023     
“Quantifying the X-ray dark-field signal in high-resolution single-grid imaging at a synchrotron source”

Zandarco, Simon M.Sc. Thesis,
December 2022
“Comparison of Phase Retrieval Methods for Speckle-Based Imaging at the Munich Compact Light Source”
John, Dominik M.Sc. Thesis,
October 2022
"Dynamic X-ray Dark-field Tomography fro Cryoablation Monitoring"
Hickler, Julia                  M.Sc. Thesis, 
July 2022       
"Characterization of Radio-Frequency Ablation-Induced Alterations of Cardiac Tissue via Grating-Based X-Ray-Based Tomography"
Heck, Lisa PhD Thesis,
July 2022
“Towards Clinical Spectral and Phase-Contrast Breast Computed Tomography”
Wirtensohn, Sami M.Sc. Thesis, 
May 2022 
"Advanced Denoising Methods in Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Breast Computed Tomography"
Billig, Larissa M.Sc. Thesis, 
Jan 2022       
"Quantitative Phase-Contrast Imaging for Biomedical Applications“
Chen, Junan     

M.Sc. Thesis, 
Jan 2022                        

"Towards Material Decomposition in Dual-Energy X-ray Dark-Field Computed Tomography“


Andrejewski, Jana - "Human-sized X-ray Dark-field Imaging - Pre-clinical studies and translation of imaging methods", PhD Thesis, December 2021

Ushakov, Lev - "Data Analysis for High-Resolution Quantitative Phase-Contrast Imaging at a Highly Brilliant Synchrotron Source", M.Sc. Thesis, December 2021

Koch, Alexander - "Towards Fast High-sensitivity X-ray Phase-contrast Micro Computed Tomography", M.Sc. Thesis, December 2021

Berthe, Daniel - "Developing a Fast Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Breast-CT with a Polychromatic X-Ray Source“, M.Sc. Thesis, November 2021

Petzold, Lisa - "Comparing Contrast Enhancement Methods of Computed Tomography applied to Rat Gland“, B.Sc. Thesis, August 2021

Klaar, Rabea - "Application of Spectral Differential Phase Contrast in Breast Imaging“, M.Sc Thesis, June 2021

Resch, Sandra - "Recent Developments in Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Breast Computed Tomography at the Munich Compact Light Source", M.Sc Thesis, June 2021

Kaster, Lennard - "Estimation of the Linear Diffusion Coefficient in Dual-Energy X-ray Dark-field Imaging using the Least Squares Method", B.Sc Thesis, April 2021

Gottwald, Wolfgang - "Differentiation of Breast Lesions with Grating-Based X-Ray Phase-Contrast Mamography", MSc Thesis, Dec 2020

Petrich, Christian - "Advanced Tissue Characterization using High-Resolution X-ray Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography", MSc Thesis, May, 2020

Tang, Ruizhi - "Dual energy dark-field material decomposition", MSc Thesis, March, 2020

Veen, Mirjam - “Quantitative Actinium-225 Gamma Camera Imaging for Personalized Image-based Dosimetry during Actinium-225 Radionuclide Therapy”, MSc Thesis, February, 2020

Summer, Johannes - "A new Method for the Calibration and Energy Response Characterization of Photon-Counting Detectors”, MSc Thesis, February, 2020

Riedel, Mirko - "Characterization of Photon-Counting Detectors for Conventional and Spectral Breast Imaging", MSc Thesis, November 2019

Taphorn, Kirsten - "Evaluation of X-ray Dark-Field Signal for Imaging Ex-Situ Human Lung specimens and structure size determination", MSc Thesis, January 2019