Thesis Projects

Here you can find a list of PhD, Diploma, Master's and Bachelor's Thesis that have been written at the group.

Riedel, Mirko PhD Thesis, October 2023 "Setup Development for High-Resolution Quantitative Phase-Contrast Imaging at a Synchrotron Radiation Source"
Barna, Raluca M.Sc. Thesis,
October, 2023
“Exploring Multi-Agent Staining for Cartilage and Muscle Soft Tissue using Microscopic Computed Tomography”
Petzold, Lisa Marie M.Sc. Thesis,
July, 2023
"X-Ray Investigation of MENX in Rats: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis"
Hinterdobler, Franziska M.Sc. Thesis,
July, 2023
"Functional microCT Imaging in a Galleria Mellonella Model”
Schöndorfer, Katja M.Sc. Thesis,
June  2023 
"Exploring Galleria Mellonella as Potential In Vivo Test Model for CT Contrast Agents"
Kottarappilly Balachandran, Sreelakshmi M.Sc. Thesis,
April  2023 
"Phase Retrieval Methods for Low-Dose Multi-Scale Phase-Contrast Imaging at a Synchrotron"
Rieder, Nina Theresa M.Sc. Thesis,
April  2023 
"Structural Analysis of Metal Powders used in Additive Manufacturing via X-ray Dark-Field Imaging"
Kirst, Miriam              M.Sc. Thesis,
February  2023     
“Quantifying the X-ray dark-field signal in high-resolution single-grid imaging at a synchrotron source”

Zandarco, Simon M.Sc. Thesis,
December 2022
“Comparison of Phase Retrieval Methods for Speckle-Based Imaging at the Munich Compact Light Source”
John, Dominik M.Sc. Thesis,
October 2022
"Dynamic X-ray Dark-field Tomography fro Cryoablation Monitoring"
Hickler, Julia                  M.Sc. Thesis, 
July 2022       
"Characterization of Radio-Frequency Ablation-Induced Alterations of Cardiac Tissue via Grating-Based X-Ray-Based Tomography"
Heck, Lisa PhD Thesis,
July 2022
“Towards Clinical Spectral and Phase-Contrast Breast Computed Tomography”
Wirtensohn, Sami M.Sc. Thesis, 
May 2022 
"Advanced Denoising Methods in Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Breast Computed Tomography"
Billig, Larissa M.Sc. Thesis, 
Jan 2022       
"Quantitative Phase-Contrast Imaging for Biomedical Applications“
Chen, Junan                                                                                      

M.Sc. Thesis, 
Jan 2022                                  

"Towards Material Decomposition in Dual-Energy X-ray Dark-Field Computed Tomography“


Andrejewski, Jana - "Human-sized X-ray Dark-field Imaging - Pre-clinical studies and translation of imaging methods", PhD Thesis, December 2021

Ushakov, Lev - "Data Analysis for High-Resolution Quantitative Phase-Contrast Imaging at a Highly Brilliant Synchrotron Source", M.Sc. Thesis, December 2021

Koch, Alexander - "Towards Fast High-sensitivity X-ray Phase-contrast Micro Computed Tomography", M.Sc. Thesis, December 2021

Berthe, Daniel - "Developing a Fast Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Breast-CT with a Polychromatic X-Ray Source“, M.Sc. Thesis, November 2021

Petzold, Lisa - "Comparing Contrast Enhancement Methods of Computed Tomography applied to Rat Gland“, B.Sc. Thesis, August 2021

Klaar, Rabea - "Application of Spectral Differential Phase Contrast in Breast Imaging“, M.Sc Thesis, June 2021

Resch, Sandra - "Recent Developments in Grating-Based Phase-Contrast Breast Computed Tomography at the Munich Compact Light Source", M.Sc Thesis, June 2021

Kaster, Lennard - "Estimation of the Linear Diffusion Coefficient in Dual-Energy X-ray Dark-field Imaging using the Least Squares Method", B.Sc Thesis, April 2021

Gottwald, Wolfgang - "Differentiation of Breast Lesions with Grating-Based X-Ray Phase-Contrast Mamography", MSc Thesis, Dec 2020

Petrich, Christian - "Advanced Tissue Characterization using High-Resolution X-ray Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography", MSc Thesis, May, 2020

Tang, Ruizhi - "Dual energy dark-field material decomposition", MSc Thesis, March, 2020

Veen, Mirjam - “Quantitative Actinium-225 Gamma Camera Imaging for Personalized Image-based Dosimetry during Actinium-225 Radionuclide Therapy”, MSc Thesis, February, 2020

Summer, Johannes - "A new Method for the Calibration and Energy Response Characterization of Photon-Counting Detectors”, MSc Thesis, February, 2020

Riedel, Mirko - "Characterization of Photon-Counting Detectors for Conventional and Spectral Breast Imaging", MSc Thesis, November 2019

Taphorn, Kirsten - "Evaluation of X-ray Dark-Field Signal for Imaging Ex-Situ Human Lung specimens and structure size determination", MSc Thesis, January 2019