TUM Press Release 2023 - Three ERC Consolidator Grants for TUM researchers

ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Prof. Julia Herzen

 Prof. Julia Herzen is awarded an ERC consolidator grant for her project DEPICT. She aims to develop a physical model to advance high-resolution X-ray imaging on the micrometer scale and thus be able to determine the composition, distribution, and the amount of individual substances in the samples at such high resolution.


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MIBE News 2022 - How contrast agents disperse inside cells

Detailed images of cells with X-ray contrast agents

Contrast agents are often used to improve the imaging of soft tissue in micro-computed tomography (microCT). Now a research team led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has investigated how these agents disperse inside cells. Their findings could improve the assessment and further development of contrast agents and might contribute to future medical diagnostics.

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TUM Press Release 2022 - Advances in micro-computed tomography

Improved imaging for medicine and material sciences

Researchers in biomedical physics and biology have significantly improved micro-computed tomography, more specifically imaging with phase contrast and high brilliance x-ray radiation. They have developed a new microstructured optical grating and combined it with new analytical algorithms. The new approach makes it possible to depict and analyze the microstructures of samples in greater detail, and to investigate a particularly broad spectrum of samples.

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