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Experimental Realisation of High-sensitivity Laboratory X-ray Grating-based Phase-contrast Computed Tomography

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Birnbacher, L., Willner, M., Velroyen, A., Marschner, M., Hipp, A., Meiser, J., Koch, F., Schröter, T., Kunka, D., Mohr, J., Pfeiffer, F. and Herzen, J. Scientific reports 6, p. 24022 (2016). []


Purpose: In this work, we present our laboratory X-ray Talbot-Lau interferometry setup operating at 40 kVp and describe how we achieve the high sensitivity yet unrivalled by any other laboratory X-ray phase-contrast technique.


Figure: The sensitivity is sufficiently high to reveal subtle differences in the interior structure of the cerebellum: the stratum moleculare (1), the white matter (2), and the stratum granulosum (3). The round PMMA rod (white) is used for energy calibration. The displayed values are in the linear range of 338–356 × 1027 electrons/m3.