Thesis projects

Here you can find a list of PhD, Diploma, Master's and Bachelor's Thesis that have been written at the Chair of Biomedical Physics E17.

Demianova, Sofia MSc Thesis,
Feb, 2024
"Radioluminescence microscopy for organoid specimens"
Ogórek, Kacper MSc Thesis,
Feb, 2024
"Application of Diffusion Probabilistic Models to Medical X-ray Imaging"
Peterhansl, Sebastian  MSc Thesis,
Jan, 2024
"Image Processing for High-Resolution X-ray Microtomography"

Gustschin, Alex PhD Thesis,
December, 2023
"Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Gratings for Multimodal Neutron and X-ray Imaging"
Gurth, Janus MSc Thesis,
December, 2023
"Estimation of Compton Scattering in Dark Field X-ray Imaging Using Neural Networks"
Schmid, Clemens PhD Thesis,
November, 2023
"Processing Algorithms for Grating-Based X-Ray Phase Contrast with a Clinical CT Prototype"
Foster, Lennart MSc Thesis,
November, 2023
"Design, Characterization & Applications of a High-Resolution X-ray Detector at the Munich Compact Light Source"
Pinzek, Simon PhD Thesis,
November, 2023
"Advances in grating fabrication and data processing for X-ray grating interferometry"
Roman Royo, Alvaro MSc Thesis,
November, 2023
"Spectral Material Decomposition with Dual-Energy, Photon-Counting X-Ray Detectors for Industrial Applications"
Hofstetter, Sarah MSc Thesis,
October, 2023
"High-sensitivity grating-based imaging at the Munich Compact Light Source"
Bhoodoo, Preetraj MSc Thesis,
October, 2023
"Dynamic X-ray Dark-field Tomography for Generating Deep Learning Training Datasets"
Urban, Theresa PhD Thesis,
August, 2023
"Dark-field Chest Radiography – Image Artifacts and COPD Assessment"
Karl, Sandra MSc Thesis,
July, 2023
"Influence of Foreign Bodies in X-Ray Dark-Field Radiography of the Human Chest"
Haslberger, Andreas MSc Thesis,
July, 2023
"Hyperspectral Imaging for Residual Moisture Detection in Lithium-ion Battery Electrodes"
Russo, Caterina MSc Thesis,
July, 2023
"Implementation and characterization of a two-grating interferometer for AXDT measurements with a robotic arm"  
Müller, Gloria MSc Thesis,
June, 2023
"Exploring the degeneration of intervertebral discs using staining-based X-ray microCT Imaging"
Kaster, Lennard MSc Thesis,
June, 2023 
"Characterization of Clinical Spectral CT Systems for Diagnosis of Myocardial Ischemia"
Baladi, Faranak MSc Thesis,
May, 2023 
"Monitoring the behavior of silver-containing medical products using energy-switching silver-KES imaging at the Munich Compact Light Source and Dual Energy at SKYSCAN"
Frank, Manuela PhD Thesis,
May, 2023
"Clinical Dark-Field Chest Radiography — Patient Exposure and Application for COVID-19-pneumonia"
Tharakan, Merrin MSc Thesis,
May, 2023 
"X-ray Diffraction Imaging using Coded Aperture Mask"
Ries, Annika MSc Thesis,
April, 2023 
"Improving Image Quality of Sparse-Sampled Lung Cancer CT Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks"
Samsonov, Mikhail  MSc Thesis,
April, 2023 
"Generation of synthetic CT training data for CNNs in radiology"
Segura Ospino, Maria Camila MSc Thesis,
March, 2023 
"Exploring Golgi Staining for X-ray CT Imaging"
Costa, Joy James                                                                    MSc Thesis,
February, 2023                      
"Exploring Erythrosine B (ERB) as a Novel Micro CT Contrast Agent and Investigating Human Bone Articular Cartilage sample with Staining-based X-ray CT"

Willer, Konstantin PhD Thesis,
December, 2022
"Development of a Radiography Prototype System for the Initial Clinical Evaluation of X-ray Dark-Field Chest Imaging in COPD Patients"
Viermetz, Manuel  PhD Thesis,
December, 2022
“Development of the first Human-scale Dark-field Computed Tomography System”
Kolb, Anna MSc Thesis
November, 2022
"Pre-clinical evaluation of dual-energy imaging in dental panoramic radiography based on a simulation framework"
Ilg, Patrick

MSc Thesis
October, 2022

"3D Multiscale Investigations of Human Chondrosarcoma Tissue using Micro Computed Tomography"
Rust, Friederike MSc Thesis,
July, 2022
"High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging with Pollycapillary Optics at the Munich Compact Light Source"
Heuchert, Jule MSc Thesis,
May, 2022
"Quantitative Evaluation of Clinical Dark-field Chest Radiography"
Blank, Katharina MSc Thesis,
May, 2022
"Dynamic Dark-Field Imaging at a Compact Synchrotron Source"
Dorosti, Tina MSc Thesis,
May, 2022 
"Optimizing CNNs for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Detection in Clinical CT Imaging"
Umkehrer, Stephan PhD Thesis,
March, 2022
“Phase-Contrast Radiography and Dark-field Computed Tomography for the Detection of Bronchial and Pulmonary Pathologies"
Binder, Jakob                                                                MSc Thesis,
February, 2022                                     
"Deep Learning Basiertes Entrauschen von Limited-Angle, Sparse-View CT als Nachbearbeitungsmethode für Thorax-CT-Anwendungen”

Günther, Benedikt PhD Thesis, December, 2021 "Storage Ring-based Inverse Compton X-ray Sources"
Prexl, Eva-Maria PhD  Thesis,
December,  2021
"Diagnostic applications of grating-based X-ray phase-contrast and dark-field imaging"
Ferstl, Simone PhD  Thesis,
December,  2021

'Laboratory-Based X-ray Microscopy with Staining and Propagation-Based Phase Effects for Contrast Enhancement'

Evseev, Andrei

MSc Thesis,

November, 2021

"Advanced Image Processing for Clinical Darkfield Chest X-Ray Applications"
Lochschmidt, Maximilian MSc Thesis, November, 2021 "Advanced Material Decomposition by Clinical Dual-Layer Spectral Computed Tomography"
Thalhammer, Johannes MSc Thesis,
October, 2021
“CNN-based Denoising Applied in X-ray Imaging"
Kokhanovskiy, Ivan MSc Thesis,
October, 2021
“Rapid keV-Switching at the Munich Light Compact Source for K-Edge Subtraction Imaging"
Buchberger, Philipp MSc Thesis,
July, 2021
"Estimation of Anatomical Changes during the Breathing Cycle for Evaluation of X-ray Dark-field Chest Images"
De Marco, Fabio                                                         

PhD  Thesis,
June,  2021           

"Image reconstruction, pre-clinical studies, and signal formation investigations at a dark-field chest radiography setup"

Kulpe, Stephanie

PhD Thesis,

Dec. 2020

“K-edge subtraction imaging and X-ray fluorescence imaging at the Munich Compact Light Source”
Freiherr von Teuffenbach, Maximilian

PhD Thesis,
Dec., 2020

“Statistical signal processing and reconstruction algorithms for grating-based X-ray imaging and computed tomography"
Häusele, Jakob

MSc Thesis,

Dec., 2020

"Statistical Signal Processing and Reconstruction Algorithms for a Clinical Darkfield CT Prototype"
Mechlem, Korbinian PhD Thesis, 
Nov., 2020
"Towards Low-Dose Spectral Phase-Contrast X-ray Imaging"
Hein, Stefan MSc Thesis,
Aug, 2020 
"Automated Lesion Tracking in PET/CT Scans using an Intersection-based and a Deep Learning CNN Approach"
Kattau, Margarete

MSc Thesis,
May, 2020   

“Comparison of Grating-based Attenuation and Dark-field X-ray Images with Conventional Radiography and Computed Tomography”
Hehn, Lorenz                            PhD Thesis,
Jan, 2020                           
“Model-based iterative reconstruction for X-ray CT using attenuation and propagation-based phase contrast”


Brantl, Johannes            MSc Thesis,  
July 2019   
"Dynamic Darkfield Radiography at the Munich Compact Light Source"
Bürkner, Toni MSc Thesis,  
July 2019
Gradl, Regine PhD Thesis,
Nov 2019
"Dynamic phase-contrast imaging at an inverse Compton Source"
Jud, Christoph PhD Thesis,
April 2019
"X-ray Vector Radiography for Biomedical Applications"
Müller, Mark                                              PhD Thesis,
April 2019
"Laboratory-based X-ray NanoCT for Biological Imaging"
Pleier, Amanda MSc Thesis,
June 2019
"Characterisation, software integration and reconstruction for a clinical prototype grating-based CT system"
Riedel, Mirko MSc Thesis,
Nov 2019
"Characterization of Photon-Counting Detectors for Conventional and Spectral Breast Imaging"
Schober, Sebastian MSc Thesis,
April 2019
"Machine Learning via CNN for Lung Cancer Screening in Chest X-ray Imaging"
Schock, Jonathan PhD Thesis,
Nov 2019
"Advanced image processing for X-ray and neutron radiographies and tomographies"
Taphorn, Kirsten MSc Thesis,
Jan 2019                                 
"Evaluation of X-ray Dark-Field Signal for Imaging Ex-Situ Human Lung specimens and structure size determination"


Andrejewski, Jana MSc Thesis,
Jan 2018
"Characterization of a large field-of-view X-ray dark field setup and energy-resolved dark-field measurements"
Birnbacher, Lorenz PhD Thesis,
Dec 2018
"High-sensitivity grating-based phase-contrast computed tomography with incoherent sources"
Böhm, Jessica MSc Thesis,
Feb 2018
"Quantitative Phase-Contrast Imaging for Mono Energy Image Generation and Clinical Iodine Detection"
Frank, Manuela     MSc Thesis,
April 2018
"Characterization of a Dark-field Chest Radiography Scanner"
Hammel, Johannes  MSc Thesis,
July 2018
"Multimaterial Decomposition Using Spectral Detector Technology for Clinical Applications in Computed Tomography"
Laugerette, Alexis MSc Thesis,
July 2018
"DXA-equivalent Quantification of Bone Mineral Density using Dual-layer Spectral CT Scout Scans"
Lochschmidt, Maximilian                        BSc Thesis,
November 2018
"Development and Optimization of a combined Hematein and Eosin staining protocol suitable for microscopic computed tomography"
Pinzek, Simon MSc Thesis,
June 2018
"Towards Low Cost and Large Area Grating Fabrication for Grating-based X-Ray Imaging"
Riederer, Philipp MSc Thesis, Dec 2018 "Stabilization of High Aspect-Ratio X-Ray Gratings for Differential Phase-Contrast Imaging"
Schaff, Florian PhD Thesis,
Feb 2018
“Directional Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Computed Tomography”
Schmette, Philipp MSc Thesis, Nov 2018 "Lung Cancer Segmentation in Generated Chest X-ray and Darkfield Images using Neural Networks”
Schmid, Clemens MSc Thesis, July 2018 "Monte Carlo Scatter Correction for Material Decomposition in Spectral Computed Tomography"
Sharma, Yash PhD Thesis, June 2018 "Advanced Acquisition Methods for Anisotropic X-ray Dark-field Imaging"

Bidola, Pidassa PhD Thesis, Mar 2017 "Characterization and Application of High Reslution Phase-Contrast Laboratory Micro-CT Setups"
Duda, Manuela                   MSc Thesis, Oct 2017 "Optimization and Characterization of Spectral Photon-Counting Imaging Set-ups with Respect to Raw-data Based Material Decomposition Algorithms"
Eggl, Elena PhD Thesis, July 2017 "Biomedical X-ray Imaging at the Munich Compact Light Source"
Ehn, Sebastian PhD Tesis, July 2017 "Photon-counting Hybrid-pixel Detectors for Spectral X-ray Imaging Appliacations"
Gruschke, Michael                     MSc Thesis, Nov 2017 "Advanced Reconstruction Algorithms for Phase-contrast Computed Tomography"
Prade, Friedrich PhD Thesis, Jan 2017 "Theory and Applications in Materials Research"
Puebla, Marco MSc Thesis, Dec 2017 "Comparison of X-ray scattering- and attenuation-based methods for the pixel wise quantification of fiber orientation"
Wach, Benedikt MSc Thesis, Oct 2017 "Quantitative Investigation of Soft-Tissue Staining Protocols Using High-Resolution Synchrotron-Based MicroCT"

Atif, Zeeshan MSc thesis, 2016 "X-Ray dark-field imaging for fuel cell and battery research"
Enders, Björn PhD thesis,
June 2016
"Development and Application of Decoherence Models in Ptychographic Imaging"
Gustschin, Nikolai              MSc thesis, 2016 "Advanced Data Acquisition Procedures and 3D Analysis Algorithms for X-ray Computed Tomography"
Heerd, Daniel MSc thesis, 2016 "Advanced Energy Calibration Methods for Photon-Counting Pixel Detectors used in Spectral X-ray Imaging"
Logvynenko, Vitaliy MSc thesis, 2016 "GPU-Based Image Analysis for Stochastical X-Ray Reconstruction Microscopy"
Maier, Daniel MSc thesis, 2016 "Dual-Energy Micro-CT Setup with Dual-Layer, Dual-Color, Single-Crystal Scintillators and Microfocus X-ray Source"
Ruiz, Maite PhD thesis,
Jan 2016
"Advanced X-ray grating- and propagation-based phase-contrast imaging using synchrotron radiation"
Sellerer, Thorsten MSc thesis, 2016 "Projection Based Dual-Energy Micro-CT with a Photon-Counting Detector"
Willner, Marian PhD Thesis,
Nov 2016
"Quantitative phase-contrast computed tomography for biomedical applications"

Asbeck, Stefan MSc thesis, 2015 "Phase-Wrapping Correction for X-Ray Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography"
Baier, Markus MSc thesis, 2015 "Experimental Characterization and Optimization of a High-Resolution X-Ray Grating Interferometer Setup with Respect to Material Research"
Böll, Konstantin MSc thesis, 2015 "Advanced Projection Alignment for Coherent X-ray nanoCT"
Braig, Eva-Maria                 MSc thesis, 2015 "Advanced X-Ray Modalities Applied to Preclinical Breast Tissue Imaging"
de Marco, Fabio MSc thesis, 2015 "Optimizing data processing for grating-based X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography"
Dierolf, Martin PhD thesis, 2015 "Ptychographic X-ray Microscopy and Tomography"
Epple, Michael PhD Thesis, Dec 2015 "Contributions to X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging with an Energy-Sent´sitive Photon-Counting Detector"
Ferstl, Simone MSc thesis, 2015 "Implementation and Optimisation of an Automatic Focusing System Specified to a Nanofocus X-ray Source Prototype"
Hehn, Lorenz MSc thesis, 2015 "High-Performance Algorithms for Improved Reconstruction of X-Ray Computed Tomography"
Mechlem, Korbinian MSc thesis, 2015 "Advanced Statistical Iterative Reconstruction for X-ray Computed Tomography"
Sarapata, Adrian PhD thesis, July 2015 "Quantitative X-Ray Imaging with High-Energy Grating Interferomety at Conventional Sources"
Scherer, Kai PhD thesis, July 2015 "Grating-Based X-Ray Phase-Contrast Mammography"
Schmidt, Uli MSc thesis, 2015 "Computational Amplitude Reconstruction and Image Processing in Coherent X-ray Diffraction Microscopy",
Stockmar, Marco PhD thesis, Mar 2015 "Ptychographic phase retrieval for the near-field regime with applications in x-ray nano-tomography"
Velroyen, Astrid PhD thesis, Mar 2015 "X-Ray Phase-Contrast and Dark-Field Imaging of Small Animals: Contrast Enhancement And In Vivo Imaging"
Viermetz, Manuel MSc thesis, 2015 "Optimization of a High Sensitivity X-Ray Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography Setup"
Wakonig, Klaus MSc thesis, 2015 "Influence of the Scan Pattern Density on the Reconstruction Quality in Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy"
Yaroshenko, Andre PhD thesis, May 2015 "X-Ray Dark-Field Imaging For Diagnosis of Pulmonary Disorders"

Gradl, Regine MSc thesis,
"X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging of Teeth"
Gromann, Lukas MSc thesis,
"Optimization of Planar Differential X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging for Mammography"
Hahn, Dieter PhD thesis,
April 2014
"Statistical Iterative Reconstruction for X-Ray Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography"
Henningsen, John BSc thesis, 2014 "Quantitative X-ray phase-contrast imaging for the differentiation of bodily fluids"
Jud, Christoph MSc thesis, 2014 "Correlation of X-ray Micro-CT with X-ray Tensor Tomography"
Schwarz, Jolanda           MSc thesis, 2014 "Dual-Energy Micro-CT"

Bidola, Pidassa Diploma thesis, 2013 "High Resolution X-ray Imaging of Fossil Samples"
Birnbacher, Lorenz Diploma thesis, 2013 "Development and Experimental Characterization of a Preclinical Phase-Contrast X-ray Mammography Setup"
Braig, Eva-Maria                                BSc thesis, 2013           "Assessment of the Morphology of Microcalcifications in Grating Based Mammography"
Braun, Philipp BSc thesis, 2013 "Probe function refinement in X-ray Ptychography"
Burger, Karin MSc thesis, 2013 "Study of Filter Design for Filtered Backprojection in Differential Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography"
Cervantes, Barbara MSc thesis, 2013 "Quantitative Comparison of X-ray Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging"
Daurer, Benedikt MSc thesis, 2013 "Advanced Image Processing Algorithms for Coherent X-ray nanoCT"
Eggl, Elena MSc thesis, 2013 "X-Ray Vector Radiography And MicroCT Measurements For Trabecular Bone Analysis"
Ehn, Sebastian Diploma thesis, 2013 "Experimental investigation of the new LAMBDA detector for x-ray spectral phase-contrast"
Hermwille, Maurice Diploma thesis, 2013 "Moiré Interferometry at Compact X-ray Synchrotron Sources"
Hipp, Alexander Diploma thesis, 2013 "Highly sensitive grating interferometry using a polychromatic X-ray-source"
Kaczmarz, Stephan Diploma thesis, 2013 "Advanced Image Quality Enhancement with the Single-Photon-Couting LAMBDA Detector"
Malecki, Andreas PhD thesis, Aug 2013 "X-ray Tensor Tomography"
Marschner, Mathias Diploma thesis, 2013 "Data processing in grating-based X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography: workflow automation and noise studies"
Prade, Friedrich MSc thesis, 2013 "Applications of Grating-Based X-ray Dark-Field Imaging for Materials Research"
Reis, Martin BSc thesis, 2013 "GPU-accelerated Fourier Filtering for Filtered Backprojection in Computed Tomography"
Schaff, Florian MSc thesis, 2013 "Numerical Analysis of MicroCT and X-Ray Vector Radiography Data from Trabecular Bones"
Schleede, Simone PhD thesis, Nov 2013 "X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging at a Compact Laser-Driven Synchrotron Source"
Schock, Jonathan MSc thesis, 2013 "A New Method for Calculating the Spacing Factor in Concrete using State-of-the-art Micro-CT"
Tapfer, Arne PhD thesis, July 2013 "Small Animal X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging"
Viermetz, Manuel BSc thesis, 2013 "Biomedical Tissue Characterization in X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging"

Schaefert, Andreas Diploma thesis, 2012 "Detector Integration and Characterization for X-Ray Phase-Contrast Measurement"
Rückel, Johannes BSc thesis, 2012 "Attenuation-Based Micro Computed Tomography: Experimental Characterization of the Density and Spatial Resolution Depending on Several Imaging Parameters"

Biernath, Thomas Diploma thesis, 2011 "Development of an Experimental Setup for X-ray Vector Tomography"
Eggl, Elena BSc thesis, 2011 "Micro-Tomography Measurements and Structural Analysis of Human Vertebra Samples"
Fehringer, Andreas Diploma thesis, 2011 "Advanced Algorithms for Ptychographic X-ray Computed Tomography"
Leyerer, Manuela Zulassungs-arbeit, 2011 "Development of a laser-based lab tutorial on numerical image reconstruction from coherent diffraction data"
Noichl, Wolfgang BSc thesis, 2011 "X-ray wavefield propagation simulations for high-resolution imaging"
Schock, Jonathan BSc thesis, 2011 "Imaging the structure of beer filters using state-of-the-art microCT"
Stockmar, Marco Diploma thesis, 2011 "X-Ray Differential Phase Contrast And Darkfield Imaging Using A Single-Grating Setup"
Willner, Marian Diploma thesis, 2011 "Development of a system for X-ray phase-contrast imaging"
Zdora, Marie-Christine BSc thesis, 2011 "Evaluation of staining protocols for improved soft tissue contrast in absorption-based microCT"