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PhD Project:
Advanced concepts for Compton scatter reduction with spectral photon-counting X-ray detectors.
X-ray imaging has become an invaluable technique in medical and industrial imaging. It allows fast, non-destructive analysis of the spatial composition of an object, and has been advanced  significantly technologically and algorithmically over the past decades. Photon-counting detectors represent a major recent technological step forward, and allow higher resolution and spectral decomposition of materials. One limitation in that context, however, is Compton scatter radiation, which inevitably degrades image quality, particularly in spectral imaging applications. Therefore, several approaches have been developed to either experimentally avoid or algorithmically correct for Compton scatter.  
The main aim of this PhD thesis project is to investigate how existing experimental or algorithmic concepts for scatter reduction/correction can also be used for spectral photon-counting detectors, and how these can be further optimized.
The theoretical part of the thesis comprises expanding of existing theories for scatter reduction to dual- or multi-energy approaches, using Monte-Carlo simulation codes, analytical correction approaches, and novel CNN-based AI schemes, which have recently been introduced. The experimental part consists of quantitative measurements to better understand the spectral behavior of anti-scatter grids in combination with photon-counting pixel detectors – and finally the development of better experimental strategies for scatter reduction using anti-scatter grids in combination with spectral photon-counting detectors.
This PhD thesis will be carried out in collaboration with an external industrial collaborator located in the Munich area. The duration of the PhD thesis is 3 years.
Character of thesis work: experimental physics (50%) & image processing (50%)
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