Solid State Theory (PH1001)

Winter 2023/24

Lecturer: Frank Pollmann
Teaching Assistants: Bernhard Jobst, Nico Kirchner, Raul Morres, Jakob Unfried, Melissa Will

Lectures (Physics Department, Lecture Hall H3):
Tuesday 10:15 - 11:45
Thursday 10:15 - 11:45

See campus online and moodle for further details

See campus online and moodle for details



Symmetries and structure of condensed matter 
-Phases of matter
-Scattering and static structure factor

Lattice vibrations: Phonons
-Theory of phonons and specific heat
-Inelastic neutron scattering, dynamic structure factor
-Linear response, fluctuation-dissipation relations

Electrons and conduction
-Bloch theorem, Wannier functions, band theory
-Metals and insulators, para- and diamagnetism
-Semiclassical dynamics, Bloch oscillations
-Transport: Drude theory, Boltzmann equations
-Quantum Hall

Interacting electrons
-Approaching the many-body problem
-Interlude: Second quantization
-Non-Interacting electron gas, Lindhard function
-Fermi liquid theory
-The interacting electron gas, Hartree-Fock theory
-Random phase approximation, screening, Collective excitations
-Electron-Phonon interaction, BCS-theory of superconductivity 
-Quantum magnetism, Hubbard model at strong and weak coupling
-Disorder and localization



S. Simon, Solid State Basics
P.M. Chaikin and T.C. Lubensky, Principles of Condensed Matter Physics
N.W. Ashcroft and N.D. Mermin, Solid State Physics