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  • Interband scattering- and nematicity-induced quantum oscillation frequency in FeSe,
    Valentin Leeb, Johannes Knolle,


  • The strongly driven Fermi polaron,
    Franklin J. Vivanco, Alexander Schuckert, Songtao Huang, Grant L. Schumacher, Gabriel G. T. Assumpção, Yunpeng Ji, Jianyi Chen, Michael Knap, Nir Navon,


  • Breakdown of Chiral Edge Modes in Topological Magnon Insulators,
    Jonas Habel, Alexander Mook, Josef Willsher, Johannes Knolle,


  • Unconventional spin transport in strongly correlated kagome systems,
    Masataka Kawano, Frank Pollmann, Michael Knap,


  • Spin-Peierls instability of the U(1) Dirac spin liquid,
    Urban F. P. Seifert, Josef Willsher, Markus Drescher, Frank Pollmann, Johannes Knolle,


  • Distributive Pre-Training of Generative Modeling Using Matrix-Product States,
    Sheng-Hsuan Lin, Olivier Kuijpers, Sebastian Peterhansl, Frank Pollmann,


  • On the Theory of Difference Frequency Quantum Oscillations,
    Valentin Leeb, Johannes Knolle,


  • Quantum Oscillations of the Quasiparticle Lifetime in a Metal,
    Nico Huber, Valentin Leeb, Andreas Bauer, Georg Benka, Johannes Knolle, Christian Pfleiderer, Marc A. Wilde,


  • Neural Wave Functions for Superfluids,
    Wan Tong Lou, Halvard Sutterud, Gino Cassella, W. M. C. Foulkes, Johannes Knolle, David Pfau, James S. Spencer,


  • Shedding Light on Microscopic Details: 2D Spectroscopy of 1D Quantum Ising Magnets,
    GiBaik Sim, Frank Pollmann, Johannes Knolle,


  • Quantum simulation of the 1D Fermi-Hubbard model as a $\mathrm{Z}_2$ lattice-gauge theory,
    Uliana E. Khodaeva, Dmitry L. Kovrizhin, Johannes Knolle,


  • Hilbert Space Fragmentation in Open Quantum Systems,
    Yahui Li, Pablo Sala, Frank Pollmann,


  • Quantum phase transition between symmetry enriched topological phases in tensor-network states,
    Lukas Haller, Wen-Tao Xu, Yu-Jie Liu, Frank Pollmann,


  • Quantum liquids of the S=3/2 Kitaev honeycomb and related Kugel-Khomskii models,
    Willian M. H. Natori, Hui-Ke Jin, Johannes Knolle,
    Physical Review B 108, 075111 (2023), arXiv:2304.13378


  • Entanglement Transitions in Unitary Circuit Games,
    Raúl Morral-Yepes, Adam Smith, S. L. Sondhi, Frank Pollmann,


  • Quantum simulation of hadronic states with Rydberg-dressed atoms,
    Zihan Wang, Feiyang Wang, Joseph Vovrosh, Johannes Knolle, Florian Mintert, Rick Mukherjee,


  • Preparing and Analyzing Solitons in the sine-Gordon Model with Quantum Gas Microscopes,
    Elisabeth Wybo, Alvise Bastianello, Monika Aidelsburger, Immanuel Bloch, Michael Knap,
    PRX Quantum 4, 030308 (2023), arXiv:2303.16221


  • Detecting and stabilizing measurement-induced symmetry-protected topological phases in generalized cluster models,
    Raúl Morral-Yepes, Frank Pollmann, Izabella Lovas,


  • Isometric tensor network representations of two-dimensional thermal states,
    Wilhelm Kadow, Frank Pollmann, Michael Knap,
    Phys. Rev. B 107, 205106 (2023), arXiv:2302.07905


  • Quantum oscillations in a doped Mott insulator beyond Onsager's relation,
    Valentin Leeb, Johannes Knolle,



  • Fast Time-Evolution of Matrix-Product States using the QR decomposition,
    Jakob Unfried, Johannes Hauschild, Frank Pollmann,


  • Observation of magnon bound states in the long-range, anisotropic Heisenberg model,
    Florian Kranzl, Stefan Birnkammer, Manoj K. Joshi, Alvise Bastianello, Rainer Blatt, Michael Knap, Christian F. Roos,


  • Temporal disorder in spatiotemporal order,
    Hongzheng Zhao, Johannes Knolle, Roderich Moessner,


  • Two Dimensional Isometric Tensor Networks on an Infinite Strip,
    Yantao Wu, Sajant Anand, Sheng-Hsuan Lin, Frank Pollmann, Michael P. Zaletel,
    Phys. Rev. B 107, 245118 (2023), arXiv:2211.14337


  • Model-Independent Learning of Quantum Phases of Matter with Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks,
    Yu-Jie Liu, Adam Smith, Michael Knap, Frank Pollmann,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 220603 (2023), arXiv:2211.11786


  • Fractionalized Prethermalization in a Driven Quantum Spin Liquid,
    Hui-Ke Jin, Johannes Knolle, Michael Knap,


  • Magnetic excitations, phase diagram and order-by-disorder in the extended triangular-lattice Hubbard model,
    Josef Willsher, Hui-Ke Jin, Johannes Knolle,


  • Fractonic Luttinger Liquids and Supersolids in a Constrained Bose-Hubbard Model,
    Philip Zechmann, Ehud Altman, Michael Knap, Johannes Feldmeier,
    Phys. Rev. B 107, 195131 (2023), arXiv:2210.11072


  • Time Evolution of Uniform Sequential Circuits,
    Nikita Astrakhantsev, Sheng-Hsuan Lin, Frank Pollmann, Adam Smith,


  • Tunable topological order of pseudo spins in semiconductor heterostructures,
    Clemens Kuhlenkamp, Wilhelm Kadow, Atac Imamoglu, Michael Knap,


  • Dynamical Signatures of Symmetry Broken and Liquid Phases in an $S=1/2$ Heisenberg Antiferromagnet on the Triangular Lattice,
    Markus Drescher, Laurens Vanderstraeten, Roderich Moessner, Frank Pollmann,


  • Nonlinear spectroscopy of bound states in perturbed Ising spin chains,
    GiBaik Sim, Johannes Knolle, Frank Pollmann,


  • Fragmentation-induced localization and boundary charges in dimensions two and above,
    Julius Lehmann, Pablo Sala, Frank Pollmann, Tibor Rakovszky,


  • An Exact Chiral Amorphous Spin Liquid,
    Gino Cassella, Peru D'Ornellas, Thomas Hodson, Willian M. H. Natori, Johannes Knolle,


  • Thermal spin dynamics of Kitaev magnets $-$ scattering continua and magnetic field induced phases within a stochastic semiclassical approach,
    Oliver Franke, Dumitru Călugăru, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 174428 (2022), arXiv:2207.03515


  • Twisting the Dirac cones of the SU(4) spin-orbital liquid on the honeycomb lattice,
    Hui-Ke Jin, W. M. H. Natori, Johannes Knolle,


  • Numerical simulation of non-abelian anyons,
    Nico Kirchner, Darragh Millar, Babatunde M. Ayeni, Adam Smith, Joost K. Slingerland, Frank Pollmann,
    Phys. Rev. B 107, 195129 (2022), arXiv:2206.14730


  • Temperature-Induced Disorder-Free Localization,
    Jad C. Halimeh, Philipp Hauke, Johannes Knolle, Fabian Grusdt,


  • Probing finite-temperature observables in quantum simulators of spin systems with short-time dynamics,
    Alexander Schuckert, Annabelle Bohrdt, Eleanor Crane, Michael Knap,


  • Tunable transport in the mass-imbalanced Fermi-Hubbard model,
    Philip Zechmann, Alvise Bastianello, Michael Knap,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 075115 (2022), arXiv:2205.12970


  • Emergent tracer dynamics in constrained quantum systems,
    Johannes Feldmeier, William Witczak-Krempa, Michael Knap,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 094303 (2022), arXiv:2205.07901


  • Data compression for quantum machine learning,
    Rohit Dilip, Yu-Jie Liu, Adam Smith, Frank Pollmann,
    Phys. Rev. Research 4, 043007 (2022), arXiv:2204.11170


  • Many-body parametric resonances in the driven sine-Gordon model,
    Izabella Lovas, Roberta Citro, Eugene Demler, Thierry Giamarchi, Michael Knap, Edmond Orignac,


  • Dynamical hadron formation in long-range interacting quantum spin chains,
    Joseph Vovrosh, Rick Mukherjee, Alvise Bastianello, Johannes Knolle,
    PRX Quantum 3, 040309, 2022, arXiv:2204.05641


  • Entanglement entropy and negativity in the Ising model with defects,
    David Rogerson, Frank Pollmann, Ananda Roy,
    JHEP 06 (2022) 165, arXiv:2204.03601


  • Bridging the gap between classical and quantum many-body information dynamics,
    Andrea Pizzi, Daniel Malz, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 214303 (2022), arXiv:2204.03016


  • Prethermal nematic order and staircase heating in a driven frustrated Ising magnet with dipolar interactions,
    Hui-Ke Jin, Andrea Pizzi, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 144312 (2022), arXiv:2204.01761


  • Finite-depth scaling of infinite quantum circuits for quantum critical points,
    Bernhard Jobst, Adam Smith, Frank Pollmann,
    Phys. Rev. Research 4, 033118 (2022), arXiv:2203.11975


  • Measurement-induced phase transition in a classical, chaotic many-body system,
    Josef Willsher, Shu-Wei Liu, Roderich Moessner, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 024305 (2022), arXiv:2203.11303


  • Quantum sine-Gordon dynamics in coupled spin chains,
    Elisabeth Wybo, Michael Knap, Alvise Bastianello,


  • Topological phases in the dynamics of the simple exclusion process,
    Juan P. Garrahan, Frank Pollmann,


  • Disorder-free localization with Stark gauge protection,
    Haifeng Lang, Philipp Hauke, Johannes Knolle, Fabian Grusdt, Jad C. Halimeh,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 174305 (2022), arXiv:2203.01338


  • Prethermalization in one-dimensional quantum many-body systems with confinement,
    Stefan Birnkammer, Alvise Bastianello, Michael Knap,
    Nature Communications 13, 7663 (2022), arXiv:2202.12908


  • Hole Spectral Function of a Chiral Spin Liquid in the Triangular Lattice Hubbard Model,
    Wilhelm Kadow, Laurens Vanderstraeten, Michael Knap,
    Phys. Rev. B 106, 094417 (2022), arXiv:2202.03458


  • Coupled Hydrodynamics in Dipole-Conserving Quantum Systems,
    A. G. Burchards, J. Feldmeier, A. Schuckert, M. Knap,
    Physical Review B 105, 205127 (2022), arXiv:2201.08852


  • Suppression of inter-band heating for random driving,
    Hongzheng Zhao, Johannes Knolle, Roderich Moessner, Florian Mintert,


  • Anomalous Random Multipolar Driven Insulators,
    Hongzheng Zhao, Mark S. Rudner, Roderich Moessner, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 105, 245119(2022), arXiv:2201.05406



  • Optical signatures of periodic magnetization: the moiré Zeeman effect,
    Alex Gómez Salvador, Clemens Kuhlenkamp, Livio Ciorciaro, Michael Knap, Ataç İmamoğlu,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 237401 (2022), arXiv:2112.10276


  • Efficient Simulation of Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Quantum Spin Systems with Isometric Tensor Networks,
    Sheng-Hsuan Lin, Michael Zaletel, Frank Pollmann,


  • Localization persisting under aperiodic driving,
    Hongzheng Zhao, Florian Mintert, Johannes Knolle, Roderich Moessner,
    Phys. Rev. B 105, L220202(2022), arXiv:2111.13558


  • Characterizing fractional topological phases of lattice bosons near the first Mott lobe,
    Julian Boesl, Rohit Dilip, Frank Pollmann, Michael Knap,
    Phys. Rev. B 105, 075135 (2022), arXiv:2111.11446


  • Operator backflow and the classical simulation of quantum transport,
    C. W. von Keyserlingk, Frank Pollmann, Tibor Rakovszky,


  • Enhancing disorder-free localization through dynamically emergent local symmetries,
    Jad C. Halimeh, Lukas Homeier, Hongzheng Zhao, Annabelle Bohrdt, Fabian Grusdt, Philipp Hauke, Johannes Knolle,
    PRX Quantum 3, 020345 (2022), arXiv:2111.08715


  • Stabilizing Disorder-Free Localization,
    Jad C. Halimeh, Hongzheng Zhao, Philipp Hauke, Johannes Knolle,


  • Dynamics in Systems with Modulated Symmetries,
    Pablo Sala, Julius Lehmann, Tibor Rakovszky, Frank Pollmann,


  • Dynamics of Negativity of a Wannier-Stark Many-Body Localized System Coupled to a Bath,
    Elisabeth Wybo, Michael Knap, Frank Pollmann,


  • Methods for simulating string-net states and anyons on a digital quantum computer,
    Yu-Jie Liu, Kirill Shtengel, Adam Smith, Frank Pollmann,
    PRX Quantum 3, 040315 (2022), arXiv:2110.02020


  • Classical approaches to prethermal discrete time crystals in one, two, and three dimensions,
    Andrea Pizzi, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 104, 094308 (2021), arXiv:2108.07272


  • Distinguishing an Anderson Insulator from a Many-Body Localized phase through space-time snapshots with Neural Networks,
    Florian Kotthoff, Frank Pollmann, Giuseppe De Tomasi,


  • Confinement induced impurity states in spin chains,
    Joseph Vovrosh, Hongzheng Zhao, Johannes Knolle, Alvise Bastianello,
    Phys. Rev. B 105, L100301 (2022), arXiv:2108.03976


  • Identifying Correlation Clusters in Many-Body Localized Systems,
    Kévin Hémery, Frank Pollmann, Adam Smith,


  • Unveiling the S=3/2 Kitaev Honeycomb Spin Liquids,
    Hui-Ke Jin, W. M. H. Natori, F. Pollmann, J. Knolle,
    Nat. Commun 13, 3813 (2022), arXiv:2107.13364


  • Observing emergent hydrodynamics in a long-range quantum magnet,
    M. K. Joshi, F. Kranzl, A. Schuckert, I. Lovas, C. Maier, R. Blatt, M. Knap, C. F. Roos,


  • Experimental realization of fragmented models in tilted Fermi-Hubbard chains,
    Thomas Kohlert, Sebastian Scherg, Pablo Sala, Frank Pollmann, Bharath Hebbe Madhusudhana, Immanuel Bloch, Monika Aidelsburger,


  • Berry curvature-induced local spin polarisation in gated graphene/WTe$_2$ heterostructures,
    Lukas Powalla, Jonas Kiemle, Elio J. König, Andreas P. Schnyder, Johannes Knolle, Klaus Kern, Alexander Holleitner, Christoph Kastl, Marko Burghard,


  • Critically slow operator dynamics in constrained many-body systems,
    Johannes Feldmeier, Michael Knap,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 235301 (2021), arXiv:2106.05292


  • Skeleton of Matrix-Product-State-Solvable Models Connecting Topological Phases of Matter,
    Nick G. Jones, Julian Bibo, Bernhard Jobst, Frank Pollmann, Adam Smith, Ruben Verresen,
    Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033265 (2021), arXiv:2105.12143


  • Fractal Quantum Phase Transitions: Critical Phenomena Beyond Renormalization,
    Zheng Zhou, Xue-Feng Zhang, Frank Pollmann, Yizhi You,


  • Tunable Feshbach resonances and their spectral signatures in bilayer semiconductors,
    Clemens Kuhlenkamp, Michael Knap, Marcel Wagner, Richard Schmidt, Atac Imamoglu,


  • Classical Prethermal Phases of Matter,
    Andrea Pizzi, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 140602 (2021), arXiv:2104.13928


  • Scaling of neural-network quantum states for time evolution,
    Sheng-Hsuan Lin, Frank Pollmann,


  • Realizing topologically ordered states on a quantum processor,
    K. J. Satzinger, Y. Liu, A. Smith, C. Knapp, M. Newman, C. Jones, Z. Chen, C. Quintana, X. Mi, A. Dunsworth, C. Gidney, I. Aleiner, F. Arute, K. Arya, J. Atalaya, R. Babbush, J. C. Bardin, R. Barends, J. Basso, A. Bengtsson, A. Bilmes, M. Broughton, B. B. Buckley, D. A. Buell, B. Burkett, N. Bushnell, B. Chiaro, R. Collins, W. Courtney, S. Demura, A. R. Derk, D. Eppens, C. Erickson, E. Farhi, L. Foaro, A. G. Fowler, B. Foxen, M. Giustina, A. Greene, J. A. Gross, M. P. Harrigan, S. D. Harrington, J. Hilton, S. Hong, T. Huang, W. J. Huggins, L. B. Ioffe, S. V. Isakov, E. Jeffrey, Z. Jiang, D. Kafri, K. Kechedzhi, T. Khattar, S. Kim, P. V. Klimov, A. N. Korotkov, F. Kostritsa, D. Landhuis, P. Laptev, A. Locharla, E. Lucero, O. Martin, J. R. McClean, M. McEwen, K. C. Miao, M. Mohseni, S. Montazeri, W. Mruczkiewicz, J. Mutus, O. Naaman, M. Neeley, C. Neill, M. Y. Niu, T. E. O'Brien, A. Opremcak, B. Pató, A. Petukhov, N. C. Rubin, D. Sank, V. Shvarts, D. Strain, M. Szalay, B. Villalonga, T. C. White, Z. Yao, P. Yeh, J. Yoo, A. Zalcman, H. Neven, S. Boixo, A. Megrant, Y. Chen, J. Kelly, V. Smelyanskiy, A. Kitaev, M. Knap, F. Pollmann, P. Roushan,
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  • The one-dimensional Long-Range Falikov-Kimball Model: Thermal Phase Transition and Disorder-Free Localisation,
    Thomas Hodson, Josef Willsher, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 104, 045116 (2021), arXiv:2103.11735


  • Realising the Symmetry-Protected Haldane Phase in Fermi-Hubbard Ladders,
    Pimonpan Sompet, Sarah Hirthe, Dominik Bourgund, Thomas Chalopin, Julian Bibo, Joannis Koepsell, Petar Bojović, Ruben Verresen, Frank Pollmann, Guillaume Salomon, Christian Gross, Timon A. Hilker, Immanuel Bloch,
    Nature 606, 484 (2022), arXiv:2103.10421


  • Optical phonons coupled to a Kitaev spin liquid,
    A. Metavitsiadis, W. Natori, J. Knolle, W. Brenig,


  • Flat and Correlated Plasmon Bands in Graphene/$α$-RuCl${_3}$ Heterostructures,
    Hui-Ke Jin, J. Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. B 104, 045140 (2021), arXiv:2103.03941


  • Quotient symmetry protected topological phenomena,
    Ruben Verresen, Julian Bibo, Frank Pollmann,


  • Orthogonal Quantum Many-body Scars,
    Hongzheng Zhao, Adam Smith, Florian Mintert, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 150601 (2021), arXiv:2102.07672


  • Rigorous Bounds on the Heating Rate in Thue-Morse Quasiperiodically and Randomly Driven Quantum Many-Body Systems,
    Takashi Mori, Hongzheng Zhao, Florian Mintert, Johannes Knolle, Roderich Moessner,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 050602 (2021), arXiv:2101.07065


  • Towards a Topological Quantum Chemistry description of correlated systems: the case of the Hubbard diamond chain,
    Mikel Iraola, Niclas Heinsdorf, Apoorv Tiwari, Dominik Lessnich, Thomas Mertz, Francesco Ferrari, Mark H. Fischer, Stephen M. Winter, Frank Pollmann, Titus Neupert, Roser Valentí, Maia G. Vergniory,


  • Fractonic critical point proximate to a higher-order topological insulator: How does UV blend with IR?,
    Yizhi You, Julian Bibo, Taylor L. Hughes, Frank Pollmann,


  • Simple Mitigation of Global Depolarizing Errors in Quantum Simulations,
    Joseph Vovrosh, Kiran E. Khosla, Sean Greenaway, Christopher Self, Myungshik Kim, Johannes Knolle,
    Phys. Rev. E 104, 035309 (2021), arXiv:2101.01690


  • Butterfly Effect and Spatial Structure of Information Spreading in a Chaotic Cellular Automaton,
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    Phys. Rev. B 103, 094109 (2021), arXiv:2101.01313











  • The phase diagram of the anisotropic spin-2 XXZ model: an infinite system DMRG study,
    Jonas A. Kjäll, Michael P. Zaletel, Roger S. K. Mong, Jens H. Bardarson, Frank Pollmann,
    Phys. Rev. B 87, 235106 (2013), arXiv:1212.6255


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    Michael P. Zaletel, Roger S. K. Mong, Frank Pollmann,
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    Michael Knap, Enrico Arrigoni, Wolfgang von der Linden,
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    Frank Pollmann, Masudul Haque, Balázs Dóra,
    Phys. Rev. B 87, 041109(R) (2013), arXiv:1211.1195


  • Strong Competition of Superconducting and Magnetic Order Parameters in Ba1-xNaxFe2As2,
    Hemke Maeter, Gwendolyne Pascua, Hubertus Luetkens, Johannes Knolle, Saicharan Aswartham, Sabine Wurmehl, Günter Behr, Bernd Büchner, Zurab Shermadini, Kamil Sedlak, Alex Amato, Roderich Moessner, Ilya Eremin, Hans-Henning Klauss,


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