The group in May 2022

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Mitarbeiter/Staff - Contact

Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Müller-Buschbaum Peter +49-89-289-12451 muellerb(at)
Papadakis Christine +49-89-289-12447 christine.papadakis(at)
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Körstgens Volker +49-89-289-12456 volker.koerstgens(at)
Vagias Apostolos +49-89-289-14691 apostolos.vagias(at)
PhD Students:      
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Alvarez Herrera Pablo Andres 49-89-289-12463 pablo.alvarez(at)
Anwander Emanuel +49-89-289-12457 emanuel.anwander(at)
Apfelbeck Fabian +49-89-289-12461 fabian.apfelbeck(at)
Everett Christopher Reck +49-89-289-12454 christopher.everett(at)
Geiger Christina +49-89-289-12450 christina.geiger(at)
Guan Tianfu +49-89-289-12457 tianfu.guan(at)
Guo Renjun +49-89-289-12449 renjun.guo(at)
Heger Julian Eliah +49-89-289-12455 julian.heger(at)
Huber Linus +49-89-289-12461 linus.huber(at)
Jiang Xinyu +49-89-289-12455 xinyu.jiang(at)
Jiang Xiongzhuo
Le Dû Morgan +49-89-289-12457 morgan.ledu(at)
Li Nian +49-89-289-12449
Li Yanan +49-89-289-12463
Li Zerui +49-89-289-12461
Liang Suzhe +49-89-289-12454 suzhe.liang(at)
Liang Yuxin +49-89-289-12457 yuxin.liang(at)
Oechsle Anna-Lena +49-89-289-12450 annalena.oechsle(at)
Pan Guangjiu +49-89-289-12462 guangjiu.pan(at)
Petz Dominik +49-89-289-12137 dominik.petz(at)
Pham Thien An +49-89-289-11774 thien-an.pham(at)
Pivarnikova Ivana +49-89-289-54819 ivana.pivarnikova(at)
Reb Lennart +49-89-289-12455 lennart.reb(ab)
Reitenbach Julija +49-89-289-12462


Reus Manuel Andree +49-89-289-12450 manuel.scheel(at)
Schwaiger Dominik Mathias +49-89-289-12453 dominik.schwaiger(at)
Spanier Lukas +49-89-289-12462 lukas.spanier(at)
Sun Kun +49-89-289-12462 kun.sun(at)
Tian Ting +49-89-289-12453 ting.tian(at)
Tu Suo +49-89-289-12450 suo.tu(at)
Wang Peixi +49-89-289-12474
Weindl Christian Ludwig +49-89-289-12474 christian.weindl(at)
Xiao Tianxiao +49-89-289-12462 tianxiao.xiao(at)
Xu Zhuijun +49-89-289-12457 zhuijun.xu(at)
Yan Yingying +49-89-289-12457 yingying.yan(at)
Yazdanshenas Bahar +49-89-289-12463


Yin Shanshan +49-89-289-12455 shanshan.yin(at)
Zhang Peiran +49-89-289-12463 peiran.zhang(at)
Zheng Feifei +49-89-289-12463 feifei.zheng(at)
Zheng Tianle +49-89-289-12461 tianle.zheng(at)
Zhong Huaying +49-89-289-12462 huaying.zhong(at)
Zou Yuqin +49-89-289-12454 yuqin.zou(at)
Master Students:      
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Allwang Johannes +49-89-289-12463 johannes.allwang(at)
Baier Thomas +49-89-289-12457 thomas.baier(at)
Cadet Adrien 49-89-289-12463 adrien.cadet(at)
Coen Sebastian +49-89-289-12457 sebastian.coen(at)
Ebel Jasper Guido +49-89-289-12457 jasper.ebel(at)
Erbil Gökay +49-89-289-12457 gokay.erbil(at)
Kosbahn David Paul +49-89-289-12457 david.kosbahn(at)
Krifa Ahmed +49-89-289-12457 ahmed.krifa(at)
Lindenmeir Christoph +49-89-289-12457 christoph.lindenmeir(at)
Myint Hsu-Thazin +49-89-289-12457 hsu-thazin.myint(at)
Schöner Tobias
Trost Markus +49-89-289-12457 markus.trost(at)
Wegener Simon +49-89-289-12457 simon.wegener(at)
Weinzierl Alexander +49-89-289-12457 alexander.weinzierl(at)
Wu Kexin +49-89-289-12457 kexin.wu(at)
Bachelor Students:      
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Bauer Lukas   lukas.bauer(at)
Blänsdorf Jan Luca   ge36sac(at)
Braitsch Noah   noah.braitsch(at)
Herschmann Felix   felix.herschman(at)
Ivanova Ivana   ivana.ivanova(at)
Jatho Luke Richard   ge49mip(at)
Lösch Augustin   augustin.loesch(at)
Pucknus Paul   paul.pucknus(at)
Schöhs Yannick   yannick.schoehs(at)
Schiedeck Simon   simon.schiedeck(at)
Stock Henry   henry.stock(at)
Last Name First Name Phone E-Mail
Funer Reinhold +49-89-289-12496 rfuner(at)
Kaplonski Josef +49-89-289-12467 jk(at)
Kappauf Carola +49-89-289-14627 carola.kappauf(at)
Waletzki Marion +49-89-289-12452 marion.waletzki(at)