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Dr. rer. nat. Florian Schaff

  • Image processing and computational imaging
  • Directional small angle X-ray scattering and dark-field imaging
  • Biomedical and material science applications of dark-field imaging
  • Spectral phase-contrast imaging

  • 24
    Schaff, Florian; Jud, Christoph; Dierolf, Martin; Günther, Benedikt; Achterhold, Klaus; Gleich, Bernhard; Sauter, Andreas; Woertler, Klaus; Thalhammer, Johannes; Meurer, Felix; Neumann, Jan; Pfeiffer, Franz; Pfeiffer, Daniela: Feasibility of Dark-Field Radiography to Enhance Detection of Nondisplaced Fractures. Radiology 311 (2), 2024 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 23
    Thalhammer, Johannes; Schultheiß, Manuel; Dorosti, Tina; Lasser, Tobias; Pfeiffer, Franz; Pfeiffer, Daniela; Schaff, Florian: Improving Automated Hemorrhage Detection in Sparse-view CT via U-Net-based Artifact Reduction. Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, 2024 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 22
    Ries, Annika; Dorosti, Tina; Thalhammer, Johannes; Sasse, Daniel; Sauter, Andreas; Meurer, Felix; Benne, Ashley; Lasser, Tobias; Pfeiffer, Franz; Schaff, Florian; Pfeiffer, Daniela: Improving image quality of sparse-view lung tumor CT images with U-Net. European Radiology Experimental 8 (1), 2024 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 21
    Pekel, Erdal; Schaff, Florian; Dierolf, Martin; Pfeiffer, Franz; Lasser, Tobias: X-ray computed tomography with seven degree of freedom robotic sample holder. Engineering Research Express 4 (3), 2022, 035022 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 20
    Mathavan, Neashan; Turunen, Mikael J.; Guizar-Sicairos, Manuel; Bech, Martin; Schaff, Florian; Tägil, Magnus; Isaksson, Hanna: The compositional and nano-structural basis of fracture healing in healthy and osteoporotic bone. Scientific Reports 8, 2018, 1591 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 19
    Braig, Eva-Maria; Birnbacher, Lorenz; Schaff, Florian; Gromann, Lukas; Fingerle, Alexander; Herzen, Julia; Rummeny, Ernst; Noël, Peter; Pfeiffer, Franz; Muenzel, Daniela: Simultaneous wood and metal particle detection on dark-field radiography. European Radiology Experimental 2 (1), 2018 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 18
    Wieczorek, Matthias; Schaff, Florian; Jud, Christoph; Pfeiffer, Daniela; Pfeiffer, Franz; Lasser, Tobias: Brain Connectivity Exposed by Anisotropic X-ray Dark-field Tomography. Scientific Reports 8 (1), 2018 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 17
    Schaff, Florian; Bachmann, Andreas; Zens, Amanda; Zaeh, Michael F.; Pfeiffer, Franz; Herzen, Julia: Grating-based X-ray dark-field computed tomography for the characterization of friction stir welds: A feasibility study. Materials Characterization 129, 2017, 143-148 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 16
    Prade, Friedrich.; Schaff, Florian.; Senck, Sascha.; Meyer, P.ascal; Mohr, Jürgen.; Kastner, Johann.; Pfeiffer, Franz.: Nondestructive characterization of fiber orientation in short fiber reinforced polymer composites with X-ray vector radiography. NDT & E International 86, 2017, 65-72 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )
  • 15
    Schaff, Florian; Prade, Friedrich; Sharma, Yash; Bech, Martin; Pfeiffer, Franz: Non-iterative Directional Dark-field Tomography. Scientific Reports 7 (1), 2017, 3307 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )

October 2023
Corsica, France

Biomedical Imaging School Invited Talk
July 2023
IMXP- Intl. Symposium on Biomedical Applications of X-ray Phase-contrast Imaging Talk
August 2021
San Diego, US & Online
SPIE Optics & Photonics - Developments in X-ray Tomography XIII Talk (online, pre-recorded)

Jan. 2020
Munich, Germany

Intl. Symposium on Biomedical Applications of X-ray Phase-contrast Imaging

Oral Presentation
(Guest speaker)
Oct. 2019
Melbourne, AUS       
IOP Seminar Melbourne University Oral presentation
Oct. 2018
Beijing, China
bioMedical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation Poster
May 2018
Melbourne, AUS
IMBL User Meeting Australian Synchrotron Oral presentation (invited)
May 2018
Melbourne, AUS
IOP Seminar Monash University Oral presentation
Feb. 2017
Karlsruhe, DE
KNMF User Meeting Poster
Aug. 2016
Oxford, UK
X-ray Microscopy (XRM) Poster
May 2016
Upton, NY, USA
NSLS-II & CFN Users' Meeting Oral presentation
Feb. 2016
Munich, DE
Workshop on X-ray Imaging Applications in Materials Science Oral presentation
Sep. 2015
Bethesda, MD, USA
X-ray and Neutron Phase Imaging with Gratings (XNPIG) Oral presentation
Oct. 2014
Melbourne, AUS
X-ray Microscopy (XRM) Oral presentation
June 2014
Munich, DE
TUM Reconstruction Workshop Oral presentation
Jan. 2014
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, DE  
X-ray and Neutron Phase Imaging with Gratings (XNPIG) Oral presentation