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Former members of the group

Master students

Nirav Mange Title not yet publically available (Internship from OTH Regensburg) 2021 WS
Sarath Suresh Title not yet publically available (Internship from HM) 2021 WS
Xiong Yao Geometric Tuning of Stress in Silicon Nitride Resonators and Integration into Ring Cavities for Synchronization 2021 SS
Giulio Terrasanta Aluminum Nitride Integration on Silicon Nitride Substrate: a New Approach Towards On-Chip Nonlinearities (Internship from EPFL) 2020 WS
Sebastian Müller Optimization and Advancement of On-Chip Beam Splitters for Integrated Optics Quantum Computing 2020 WS
Evgeny Lebedev Vibrational and Optical Properties of Freestanding Atomically Thin Nanomaterials 2020 SS
Burak Yildiz High Frequency Optomechanical Devices for Quantum Optomechanics 2019 WS

Bachelor students

Raphael Maier Modelling single photon sources for optical quantum circuits 2021 SS
Sebastian Ruffert Improving an Optomechanical Setup towards Characterization of Semiconductor Transition Metal Dichalcogenides 2021 SS
Leopold Moller 2D optomechanics 2020 WS
Kevin-Jeremy Haas 2D optomechanics 2020 SS
Luis Rosendahl 2D optomechanics 2019 SS
Xiaohe Bai Modelling single-photon sources for optical quantum circuits 2019 SS
Christopher Waas Set-up and Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Translation Stage for Integrated Optics Experiments 2018 SS
Julia Lamprich Designing and Modeling High Frequency Optomechanical Devices 2018 SS