Dr. Elena Gubanova

Academic Career

Since 03.2022: Group Leader "Nanostructured Energy Materials", Department of Physics, TU Munich

2020-2022: Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physics, TU Munich.

2011: Postdoctoral researcher, Technische Universität München, Chair of industrial chemistry 2, Garching, Germany.

2010: Postdoctoral researcher, Ruhr University Bochum, laboratory of industrial chemistry, Bochum, Germany.

2008 - 2010: Junior Researcher, Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science), laboratory of deep oxidation, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.

2004 - 2008: PhD student (in the frame of a Russian-French collaboration), Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences), Novosibirsk, Russian Federation and IRCELYON (CNRS / Université Claude Bernard Lyon1), Villeurbanne, France.




2006 – 2008: International collaborative grant of Russian and French Foreign Ministers.

2010: Ruhr University Bochum, Fellowship of DFG collaborative research centre SFB 558.


Representative Publications

K.-T. Song(1), C.M. Schott(1), P.M. Schneider, S.A. Watzele, R.M. Kluge, E.L. Gubanova*, A.S. Bandarenka*. Combining impedance and hydrodynamic methods in electrocatalysis. Characterization of Pt(pc), Pt5Gd, and nanostructured Pd for the hydrogen evolution reaction // Journal of Physics: Energy IF=7.5 (accepted)

Y. Taji, A. Zagalskaya, I. Evazzade, S. Watzele, K.-T. Song, S. Xue, C. Schott, B. Garlyyev, V. Alexandrov*, E. Gubanova*, A.S. Bandarenka*. Alkali metal cations change the hydrogen evolution reaction mechanisms at Pt electrodes in alkaline media // Nano Materials Science IF=N/A (2022) accepted

T.O. Schmidt,(1) A. Ngoipala,(1) R.L. Arevalo,  S.A. Watzele, R. Lipin, R.M. Kluge, S. Hou, R.W. Haid, A. Senyshyn, E.L. Gubanova*, A.S. Bandarenka*, M. Vandichel*. Elucidation of structure-activity relations in proton electroreduction at Pd surfaces. Theoretical and experimental study // Small IF=13.3 18 (2022) 2202410

E. Gubanova*, T.O. Schmidt, S. Watzele, V. Alexandrov*, A.S. Bandarenka*. Structure-dependent electrical double layer capacitances of the basal plane Pd(hkl) electrodes in HClO4 // J. Phys. Chem. C IF=4.2 126 (2022) 11414-11420

S. Hou,(1) R.M. Kluge,(1) R.W. Haid,(1) E.L. Gubanova, S.A. Watzele, A.S. Bandarenka, B. Garlyyev. A review on experimental identification of active sites in model bifunctional electrocatalytic systems for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions // ChemElectroChem IF=4.6 8 (2021) 3433-3456

 S. Watzele, B. Garlyyev, E. Gubanova, A.S. Bandarenka. Structure-reactivity relations in electrocatalysis, a book chapter 617 in: Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry III / Eds. R.A. van Santen, E.J.M. Hensen, J. Reedijk -  Elsevier, 2021, accepted

V.A. Sadykov, E.L. Gubanova, N.N. Sazonova, S.A. Pokrovskaya, N.A. Chumakova, N.V. Mezentseva, A.S. Bobin, R.V. Gulyaev, A.V. Ishchenko, T.A. Krieger, C. Mirodatos. Dry reforming of methane over Pt/PrCeZrO catalyst: Kinetic and mechanistic features by transient studies and their modeling. Catalysis TodayIF=6.6 171 (2011) 140-149.

V.A. Sadykov, N.N. Sazonova, A.S. Bobin, V.S. Muzykantov, E. L. Gubanova, G.M. Alikina, A.I. Lukashevich, V.A. Rogov, E.N. Ermakova, E.M. Sadovskaya, N.V. Mezentseva, E.G. Zevak, S.A. Veniaminov, M. Muhler, C. Mirodatos, Y. Schuurman, A.C. van Veen. Partial oxidation of methane on Pt-supported lanthanide doped ceria–zirconia oxides: Effect of the surface/lattice oxygen mobility on catalytic performance. Catalysis TodayF=6.6 169 (2011) 125-137.  

N.N. Sazonova, V.A. Sadykov, A.S. Bobin, S.A. Pokrovskaya, E.L. Gubanova, C. Mirodatos. Dry reforming of methane over fluorite-like mixed oxides promoted by Pt. Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters 98 (2009) 35-41.

S. Pavlova, N. Sazonova, V. Sadykov, S. Pokrovskaya, V. Kuzmin, G. Alikina, A. Lukashevich, E. Gubanova. Partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas over corundum supported mixed oxides: One channel studies. Catalysis TodayF=6.6 105 (2005) 367-371.

E.L. Gubanova, Y. Schuurman, V.A. Sadykov, C. Mirodatos, A.C. Van Veen. Evaluation of kinetic models for the partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas over a Pt/PrCeZrOx catalyst coated on a triangular monolith. Chemical Engineering Journal IF=16.7 154 (2009) 174-184.