Welcome to the group Experimental Physics of Functional Spin Systems

The research of our group is focused on the detailed understanding of magnetization dynamics in hybrid materials comprising of ultrathin magnetic layers in combination with topological materials or with materials inducing strong interfacial spin-orbit interaction. We tailor novel hybrid magnetic structures and investigate their static and dynamic magnetic properties. Among the subjects covered in our research are the dynamics in confined magnetic systems, magnonics, spin orbitronics, hybrid topological materials, high resolution magnetic microscopy as well as magnetic phase transitions in low dimensional systems. In our group we use several techniques to examine magnetization dynamics, the propagation of spinwaves and the efficiency of charge to spin current conversion. At the heart of our research projects are various time and spatially resolved high resolution magnetic microscopy techniques in combination with microwave excitation and detection.


January 2023: Publication in Physical Review Letters

A paper on Interfacial Tuning of Anisotropic Gilbert Damping just appeard in Physical Review Letters. Congratulations Lin!

December 2022: Habilitation of Dr. Lin Chen      

Dr. Lin Chen has finalized his habilitaion at the University of Regensburg and is now Privatdozent.


November 2022: Publication in Nature Electronics     

Dr.Yuyan Wang and Dr. Takuya Taniguchi are the proud first authors of a paper published in Nature Electronics on "Time-resolved detection of spin–orbit torque switching of magnetization and exchange bias" (Nat. Electron. 5, 840 (2022)).


August 2021: START Fellowship for Dr. Aisha Aqeel       

Dr. Aisha Aqeel has received the START fellowship of the MCQST excellence initiative cluster. She will concentrate on Engineering bulk and nanostructured quantum materials. The project will start in March 2022.