CoTEx - A Coil Test Experiment

The superconducting coils, which will be used for PENeLOPE, have a special geometry so that they can provide the aspired magnetic gradient field. In order to be sure that the coils fulfill the particular requirements, all will be tested in the test setup CoTEx.

The experiment setup constists of the following components:

  • A cryostat with a liquid helium volume of 1000 l, a liquid nitrogen cooled radiation shield and a vacuum tank
  • A helium liquefier providing 15 l liquid Helium per hour
  • A power supply providing up to ±100V/360 A
  • A slow control system to monitor temperatures, pressures and liquid helium level
  • A quench detection and protection system

The slow control system is based on National Instruments compactRIO hardware, is modular and scalable to the final experiment.

Coil tests

The first coil stack, which is the first part of the final experiment being produced, was successfully tested in 2013/14. This paved the way to the construction of the complete magnet.