WS 13/14 Quantum Mechanics II

Time and Location 

Wednesdays, 12pm--1:30pm in PH-HS2
Fridays, 10am--11:30am in PH-HS2


The lecture on Friday, December 13th will be cancelled. Instead, there will be a lecture on Tuesday, December 10th, 4pm. The location will be Hörsaal LMU Werkstattgebäude Physik (5123.EG.019).

Please hand in the exercise sheets into the mailbox opposite to the library (1st floor) on Fridays, by 10am.

The exercise group on Tuesdays will be moved four times from room 3344 to 1141 (Hilbertraum) in the basement floor. This concerns the following dates:

19/11  12:00-14:00
26/11  12:00-14:00
3/12    12:00-14:00
10/12  12:00-14:00


  • Time-dependent perturbation-theory
  • Electromagnetic transitions of atoms
  • Berry-phase and Aharonov Bohm effect
  • Scattering theory
  • Dirac equation
  • Relativistic corrections in the hydrogen atom; spin-orbit coupling
  • ...

 Note: The language of instruction will be German.

Lecture Notes

  1. Wasserstoffatom - kurze Wiederholung
  2. Zeitabhängige Störungstheorie
  3. Quantisierung des elektromagnetischen Strahlungsfelds
  4. Optische Übergänge in Atomen
  5. Aharonov-Bohm-Effekt, Berry-Phase
  6. Streutheorie
  7. Die Dirac-Gleichung und relativistische Korrekturen

I recommend to look into the basics of many particle theory and Fock spaces, particularly in view of its application in Condensed Matter Theory. Take a look at the following notes or at your favourite textbook that covers the same topic:


Exercises prepared by Marco Drewes