SS 14 Cosmic Microwave Background and Large Scale Structure (CMB and LSS)

Time and Location 

Wednesdays, 2pm--3:30pm in PH 2271
Fridays, 2pm--3:30am in PH 1141


Friday, 07/11/2014: The lecture will be postponed to 4:15 pm in PH 1141 due to a faculty meeting.

From May 21st until July 4th, there will be no lectures. Two more lectures will take place on July 9th and July 11th.

Wednesday, 07/05/2014: The Lecture will start at 1:30pm already, due to a conflict with the Ringvorlesung.

Please note the change of place and time for the Friday lectures!


  • Evolution equation for perturbations of the metric and the matter and radiation contents of the Universe.
  • Solution to these equations.
  • Predictions for Large Scale Structure (Galaxy Distribution).
  • Predictions for Inhomogeneities in the Cosmic Microwave Background.
  • Next semester: Inflation, Baryogenesis and other Early Universe topics.

 Note: The language of instruction will be German.


The lecture will be mostly based on the book by Dodelson. There are other popular textbooks on this topic by Mukhanov, Weinberg and Liddle & Lyth.

Lecture Notes

  1. The Homogeneous Universe
  2. Boltzmann Equations
  3. Perturbed Einstein Equations
  4. Initial Conditions
  5. Matter Power Spectrum
  6. CMB


Exercises prepared by Yi Zhu

Tutorials on Wednesdays, after the lecture in PH 2271.