Workshop on symmetries in light and heavy flavour

In the framework of the MIAPP program “Flavour Physics with High Luminosity Experiments”, held Oct. 24th – Nov. 18th in Munich, we organize a satellite-workshop, intended to link the physics of high precision symmetry violation studied with light and with heavy flavor particles. The workshop will take place November 7th - 8th in Munich.

The LHC and the upcoming Belle-2 experiment offer unprecedented exploratory potential using decays of B and D mesons. Parity, time-reversal violation and CP violation provide insight to the physics at smallest distance scales governed by new heavy particles and/or interactions. The same scales can be probed by next generation precision neutron experiments, exploring the Lorentz-structure in neutron beta-decay, searching for a neutron EDM or probing the charge of the neutron.

The workshop aims to understand the synergies as well as the complementarity of both approaches, the precision tests of heavy meson decay and the precision neutron measurements, for the search of beyond the Standard Model physics (BSM). The work-shop should pave the way for a consistent common analysis and interpretation of neutron and heavy meson data.

We intend to join experimentalists from neutron and heavy meson physics from Vienna, Munich and Heidelberg with interested theoreticians in the two fields. The emphasis should be on links, common interpretation and the evaluation of the relevance of future precision measurements in the light of the prospective sensitivities to discover or constraint BSM physics in the coming decade.

Please register and submit abstracts via Indico.