Project Offers

Bachelor and Master Thesis

We are continuously looking for motivated students to participate in our research!
Some of the open projects for a Bachelor thesis or Master thesis can be found on the official web size of the department, but other project may be available.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Bastian Märkisch.

PhD Thesis Project - The Proton Electron Radiation Channel Instrument and Neutron Beta Decay

Precision measurements at low energies are an alternative approach to search for new physics beyond the standard model of particle physics.  These searches are complementary and competitive to searches at the high energy frontier.

An international collaboration is currently setting up the PERC instrument to investigate the structure of the charged weak interaction in neutron beta decay at the research reactor FRM II, TUM of the MLZ.  PERC's main component is a 12m long superconducting magnet system installed at a new strong beamline for cold neutrons.

With this instrument, we aim to improve leading measurements of several observables, i.e. (angular) decay correlations, by one order of magnitude. We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate to work on a first measurement with PERC: an improved determination of the parity-violating beta asymmetry in polarized neutron beta decay, enabling the most precise determination of the element Vud of the quark mixing CKM matrix without nuclear structure effects.

Please contact Bastian Märkisch for more information.

PhD Thesis Project: Electric Dipole Moment of the Muon

Please contact Bastian Märkisch for more information.