PERC magnet delivered to Garching

End of September 2021, the 12m long superconducting magnet system of PERC was finally delivered to FRM II.

The PERC facility at the MEPHISTO beam line at the FRM II research reactor of the Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) aims to measure several observables in neutron decay with an order of magnitude improvement in precision in order to determine constants within the Standard Model of particle physics precisely and to search with improved sensitivity for new physics beyond it.

Its main component is a ~12m long superconducting magnet system which produces a magetic field between 1 to 6T within a 30-35cm bore mostly in direction along its length. This field is used to guide charged particles to detector systems, separating them from the cold neutron beam.

Below you can find some press coverage of the delivery, including some amazing photos!

MLZ press release

Video on the FRM II Youtbube channel

Report in the MLZ News Letter

Live coverage on Twitter by the MLZ:  Cranes, PERCPrepare!, Magnet, Magnet 2, Done.

Coverage by the transport company.