Based on our state-of-the-art x-ray micro-tomography equipment, we can offer microCT scanning services for a range of sample classes, including geo and composite materials, semiconductors, and biomedical specimens.

Possible scanning parameters:

  • max. sample diameter: 230 mm
  • max. sample height: 420 mm
  • min. resolution: < 1 micron (isotropic)
  • max. voxel size of reconstruction: 2048^3
  • max. x-ray energy: 240 keV
  • max. sample weight: 10 kg
  • typical scanning time (depending on application): 1 - 120 min

Our services include sample preparation, high-resolution 3D microCT scanning at specialized setup, 3D reconstruction and visualization, and the delivery of a full 3D digital data.

Our services are available on the basis of either a scientific collaboration or as commercial service.


For further information, please visit MITOS webpage (commercial services) or contact Dr. Klaus Achterhold.