Advanced Topics in the Theory of Scattering Amplitudes

This course provides an introduction to advanced methods used to study multiloop scattering amplitudes in Quantum Field Theory. A rough program will be:

  1. Generalised unitarity for one-loop calculations
  2. Rational terms versus cut-constructible parts
  3. Analytic structure of multiloop Feynman integrals, Landau equations
  4. Differential equations for multiloop Feynman integrals
  5. General properties of (Chen) iterated integrals
  6. Multiple polylogarithms, functional relations and the symbol map
  7. Modern ideas on Feynman integrals and general complex hyper-surfaces, the elliptic case

Depending on the interests of the participants, the program could be slightly adapted during the semester.


There will be NO LECTURE on Thursday 28.04. The lectures will start on the second week of SS2022, Thursday 5.05.2022. There will be an extra lecture instead of the exercise class on 6.05.2022.

Dates for Exercise Classes

The exercise classes will take place on Friday, from 14:15 to 15:45 in room C.3202, on the following dates (please check regularly for possible changes in the exercise schedule)

  1. 20.05
  2. 03.06
  3. 24.06
  4. 08.07
  5. 15.07
  6. 29.07

To hand in the exercises (physically or in digital form) and or any extra information, write directly to the two tutors

Maximilian Delto:

Nikolaos Syrrakos:


Exercises should be handed in at latest on Thursday before the corresponding Friday discussion