PERC magnet vacuum system finished

The vacuum chamber of the cryostat of the superconducting magnet system for PERC.

The production of the vacuum system of the 12m long superconducting magnet system for PERC is finished. The photograph shows the system ready for the helium leak tests.

The magnetic field of PERC will be mostly aligned with the long axis of the cryostat. In the back the so-called feeder tower can be seen, which will host the many interfaces between the cold environment in the crostat and the (warm) outside. The magnetic field strength on the axis will range from 1.5 up to 6 T.

PERC is our next generation spectrometer to test the Standard Model of particle physics in neutron beta decay. It will be installed at the FRM II / MLZ, Garching, by the PERC collaboration. The superconducting magnet system is being produced by Babcock-Noell, Würzburg, and funded within the Priority Programme SPP 1491 of the DFG.