Program of the QST Mini Symposium: 


Tuesday, Jan. 12

1:00PM Vincent Mourik, "Coherent electrical control of a single high-spin nucleus in silicon"
1:45PM Peter Leek, "Tileable superconducting circuits for quantum computing"

15 Minutes Break

2:45PM Katja Nowack, "Local magnetic measurements of quantum materials"
3:30PM Jens Koch, "Transmons aren’t forever: Realizing advanced error protection in superconducting qubits"

4:15PM Discussion and breakout rooms


Thursday, Jan. 14

1:00PM Peter Rabl, "From ultrastrong coupling to ultrafast quantum computation"
1:45PM Christopher Eichler, "Quantum Science and Technology with Superconducting Circuits: Towards quantum error correction in a surface code of superconducting qubits"

15 Minutes Break

2:45PM Michael Hartmann, "Superconducting Circuits and Neural Networks”

3:30PM Discussion and breakout rooms